Haying Doesn’t Wait

I have a love hate relationship with the month of June and July. I love that the grass is green, the hay is tall, the flowers are beautiful and the birds are singing. My body hates that the grass is green, the hay is tall and that the flowers are blooming. Thankfully there are no problem with the birds because I really like them.

It turns out I have allergies and we’re not quite sure what it is. Could it be the hay? Sure. Could it be a weed or flower blooming in the hay field? Absolutely. Or it could be the trees, grass, pollen of something or other. Who knows. The fact is, it’s kind of miserable. The best part is that it’s hard to actually be miserable when it’s so beautiful out there.

Another fact is hay doesn’t wait for your allergies, neither does the farmer. Head pain and congestion aside, I somehow ended up driving a tractor with trailer attached for part of it. When the headache and general malaise got the best of me I went on kid duty. I.E. watching four kids under eight years old and making sure they stayed safe.

There is an inherent difference between girls and boys. The 3 boys were trying to hay, but generally roughhousing since they are a few years out of being strong enough. The little girl just followed me around being a perfectly beautiful free four-year-old soul, and taunting me with hay.

At the end of the day the barn was almost filled to the brim. With so many helpers (of the adult variety) the work went fast.

Later on in the weekend Mr. A and I went back to help get the final bales in. This is where things got fun; we hooked up the kicker to the baler and went to town. I of course grabbed my camera and crawled right up to get photos of Mr. A catching the hay as it flew overhead and into the trailer.  As old equipment goes, there were a few flukes where the twine didn’t work quite right.

Damn he’s cute.

There’s just something about country living that will get you every time.

Even if it’s allergies. I wouldn’t trade living here for anything, but I wouldn’t mind some benadryl.

We’ll be doing this again next Friday. Two more fields to go!

Happy Haying & Sneezing,


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