Homemade Salsa 101

Tonight my fiance and I decided to make some homemade salsa using our abundance of tomatoes in the garden. He picked up a couple of veggies we don’t have yet at the local Farmers Market and tonight we went to town! It tastes so amazing and fresh and was incredibly easy to do. I never thought salsa would be so simple but all it takes is some veggies and a sharp knife. Make sure to use fresh veggies if possible from your local market, or of course, your back yard. It will taste so much cleaner, fresher and have a lot more flavor.


-1 large green pepper

-1 large jalapeno (wash your hands immediately after cutting and DON’T rub your eye, go to the bathroom or touch any cuts! Unless you enjoy severe burning sensations, just wash your hands.)

-10 to 15 tomatoes of various sizes

-1 medium white onion

-5 cloves garlic (you read right, 5 of them)

-1 bunch cilantro

-1 red sweet bell pepper


Dice all items into smaller pieces and throw into a bowl and toss. Seriously. That’s it.


This recipe is pretty awesome when you take some tortillas, slice them into wedges (think like a pie…or you know, tortilla chip shaped) and toast them up quick. They make the perfect crunchy but wonderful dipping tool. This would be great in wraps, with eggs, on chicken, or just in a big spoonful!

I like to store mine in jars, I’ll plan on actually water bathing these at some point so I can keep them on the shelf. For now, these stay in the fridge. I’m pretty sure they will be gone by the time the weekends over!

Happy Cooking!


Pppstt, Ppssstt: While you’re at it – check out my sisters cooking blog Edible Awesomeness. I’m definitely a comfort food butter loving pantry cook, and though I can cook some mean Asian dishes, she is the one in the family who can make a really refined tasting dish. She comes up with some pretty off the wall awesome recipes from the top of her head and really takes the prep time to make them, and make them right! I’m more of the Paula Deen of the family (butter, cream anyone?), and she’s more of the…Julia Child with a killer sense of humor. Both are damn good, but totally different! (I think it’s pretty ridiculous for me to compare myself to Paula Deen by the way, that woman is unbelievable and I am nowhere near as good, just similar style).

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