Do you remember how good television was before reality TV came on the scene? I mean, honestly, who remembers Fresh Prince (everyone), Punky Brewster (everyone), Night Court (Most people), oh man – it just doesn’t end. T.G.I.F?  Need I say more? Answer: No, I need not.

While watching TV I found out the Cosby’s shows in the evening. Can I tell you how much I miss TV being like this? First, let’s just talk Claire Huxtable *throws hands in air*. I love this character. Strong, kind, womanly, backbone, amazing mother and wife. Yep, bring it on. I want to be her.

I wish I could remember where I got this photo but I can’t, so wherever this came from, thanks.

Oh Claire.  Oh Heathcliff.

I have nothing more to say. Just soak it in.

What was your favorite TV show as a kid? Why?



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