I Didn’t Want To Listen To the Radio Anyway. So There. {And Other Random Bits}


Andy: “Did you want me to bring that radio down for you still?”

Me: “It’s okay, I’m trying to update my resume and what not (the “what not” being writing blog posts, reading blogs, and social media)”

Andy: “That’s good then.”

Me: “Why?”

Andy: “Well, I brought it to you but…

At this point Andy held out his hands with my $10.00 radio that has so lovingly been with me for a number of years, faithfully broadcasting MPBN every night while I cook dinner and on the weekends, looking more like it got in a street brawl with a bus than a radio.

Me: *laughing* “Did you hit it with the wood splitter!?”

Andy: *sheepish* “No, a piece of drywall fell on it….and smashed it into a hundred pieces”

At least the upstairs looks a little more like this now.

Twitter You Son Of A {you know}:

Have I told you I’m on Twitter now? Your life is complete and you’re welcome. You can find me at twitter.com/LkACupOfTea. Wait, why not likeacupoftea as my handle? Some lady has it. And it’s set to private so I can’t even ask her if I can have it. So if you’re that lady, I’ll give you a cookie if you give it to me. Until then LkACupOfTea it is. No, that does not stand for Lick A Cup of Tea, though I suppose you could if you really felt the need.


Andy sent me this and it made me laugh. I don’t know where it’s from {sorry}, but if you do, let me know so I can give the person credit. Credit for being hilarious. My dogs would not put up with that for even a second. How I wish they would though. It might have ended up as my background desktop for a while. Maybe.




Psst – I have an upstairs demo post to share with you. It’s a good thing I held off because as of last night we no longer have a ceiling. Must add that part in.

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