I Saw The Light, And it Opened Up My Eyes, I Saw The Light

Did you just flash back to the Ace of Base years? I did, almost constantly, while we were installing lights. I’m pretty sure those aren’t the lyrics but that’s what my brain kept singing over. and over. and over.

You’re welcome.

So first let me just say I just realized I haven’t posted since March 14th. I want you to know I am NOT going anywhere, nor did I realize it had been that long. I swore I wrote a post on the flooring we put down. Then I remembered I still had the photos to edit for the post, hence no post last week. Holla for being super organized at work and then losing my brain at home. Son of a bee sting.

So here’s what’s been going on in the last few weeks:

  • Andy milled two different trims for the windows and put them up so we could choose.
  • Andy has been milling our staircase parts and daaammmnn do they look good. Right now we’re doing a beech/walnut staircase with painted ballusters (the same Dover White as the living room and stairwell area).
  • We painted the stairwell area Dover White except for the accent wall, which will still likely be the sea salt color we used in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
  • We laid our reclaimed pine flooring. It was a process but very worth it.
  • We’re laying the same reclaimed pine flooring  leading up to the new staircase.
  • We’re decided if there is enough pine flooring left (someday down the line) we’re going to build a farmers table we can put outside to have wonderful outdoor meals around with friends.
  • We wired!

The last point is what this entire blog post is about, though many of those other items will be getting their own post too. I promise. Not empty promise, real promise.  So let’s delve into the electricity (but not literally). Heads up—my nice camera died so these are all iPhone pictures. Once again, you are welcome.

First, remember this:

NoLineEvahOkay, maybe he’s referring to fallen electricity lines from the poles but a hot wire is a hot wire. Don’t touch that shiz unless you like being six feet under, or having tingly arms and legs and neurological problems for the rest of your life. Or just being zapped. It’s like touching an electrical containment fence for a cow times about a million, and a cow fence hurts. Don’t ask how I know. It has nothing to do enjoying a beverage or three at a relatives wedding and leaning on one without thinking.

In other words – keep the electricity off while you’re working with it. I joke around, but seriously. Also keep in mind while you’re reading this that I’m vague for a reason. Neither Andy are I are electricians. While Andy is more than capable of hooking up a light or switch, etc. we’re still not giving out electrical advice. Mistakes happen and I don’t want it to be from our words. Safety pep talk complete.

When Andy first wired our home and ran the wires to the panel, he made sure he marked each one so he knew exactly where they were coming from. This little detail made our most recent step infinitely easier. The first step was taking the wires for the two bedrooms and the stairwell and hooking them up to the panel.

ElectricalHookup (7) ElectricalHookup (6) ElectricalHookup (5)Now, once you’ve seen one electrical switch/plug/light hookup you’ve sort of seen them all so let’s discuss how we did the hookup in our guest bedroom upstairs. To start this is a really tall ceiling so we had some high-rolling staging we were working on. Andy is not just balancing in an incredibly uncomfortable position in the photo below; he is firmly planted on two feet. I can promise you any man who would be balancing like that on a beam would not be non-chalantly putting together a light. So many jokes. I refrain.

ElectricalHookup (12)Get ready to get your minds blown at how difficult this is.

1.) Determine light length, cut to length, splice cable, pull out wires and remove sheathing from tip of wires.

ElectricalHookup (13)2.) Attach fixture to electrical box.

ElectricalHookup (14)

ElectricalHookup (16)3.) Match up wires and put wire nuts on them. All nutted up? Tuck those wires up into the box. Don’t jam them in there, just tuck them in there. (So many bad bad jokes. Deep breath. Deep breath.)

ElectricalHookup (20)4.) Screw the ceiling plate on. Or whatever that piece is called. Very technical.

ElectricalHookup (1)5.) Admire!

ElectricalHookup (2)Let’s discuss the elephant in the room, or rather the mouse if we’re making a size comparison to what I’m about to say. We knew when we started that this light is simply too small for this room. Scale wise it’s way off, but cost wise it was perfect. I.E. it was free. In fact, both bedroom lights I’ll be showing you were free. My husband is a master of salvaging items. I admit that while I like the upper part I’m a little “eh” about the actual shade. Hopefully down the line we can replace the shade with something larger and in charger. Much like Scott Baio.

There’s one other thing I’ll point out. Obviously those beams create crazy shadows. The shop light below them demonstrates this perfectly. I’d say this is the only disadvantage of having exposed beams, the crazy light situation. The light in each bedroom is centered, which means it hangs directly above a beam. This downside to this is crazy beam shadows everywhere, and the inability to hang a light too low. The positive side is that, uhm, the beams are still the focus? And it’s centered so it looks weighted correctly? Let’s go with those silver linings. Me being me, I would rather have my light centered and deal with beam shadows then have it off-centered and have it hang between two beams off kilter. If you are planning on having exposed beams, plan for this. Andy has been asking me if we should put up track lighting for months now and I am adament against it. After seeing the shadows for  myself he said, “Are you ready for track lighting yet?” To which I squinted my eyes, looked around, and said “No!”.

Stubborn much?

Though we may do some sort of track lighting below the beams in the future the truth is we’re honestly lamp people. I much prefer lamp light to overhead light. We’ll play with that idea first and hopefully the combination of overhead light + lamp light will help. If not, maybe (a big maybe) I will consider track lighting. Knowing me, we’ll eventually do it and then I’ll be all “I LOVE THIS. WHY DIDN’T WE DO THIS EARLIER” to which Andy will be all *face-palm*.

It’s how we roll.

SO enough chatter, let’s discuss our master bedroom light which I adore beyond reason. Let me set this up by saying this light was salvaved from a house which was slated to be destroyed. This light would have been a casualty had we not saved it. Again, it was free. Sparing the uber informative and intellectually stimulating description of how to install a light above, let’s just look at the light.

ElectricalHookup (10)Ohhh no.

ElectricalHookup (9)Ohhh yes.

ElectricalHookup (11)I love everything about you. (And you too, Andy. I love everything about you too.) This light is the bees knees to me. It’s the peanut butter to my jelly. It’s the jam to my ham. Wait, I don’t think that last one works…or maybe it does *contemplative thought of the day*. Whatever your favorite combination is, this is it to me. This light also casts these odd shadows all over the walls but I have to say I love it. No photo captures it properly so unfortunately I have nothing to show it. Maybe once my nice camera is recharged up I’ll be able to snag one, but for now, just trust me. I don’t know why I like it, but I do, and that’s all that matters.

I’ll be back in another post to show you, with proper photos, these lights again as well as our $30 staircase light.

We’re breaking the bank I tell you, breaking it. Though I’m pretty sure the banking system is already broken. On that note, I think it’s time for this blog post to be over. I refuse to segway into banking regulation discussions. Primarily because I would rather eat ham and jam.

Also because….boring.

How do you like that segway?



P.S. Thank you for tolerating my sub-par writing in this post and attrocious grammar/train-of-thought/segways. You’re all awesomesaucesome. Is that still a thing? Saying awesomesauce? I feel like it’s not. I also feel like it maybe never was really a thing to begin with. *contemplative thought of the day number two*.

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