I See The Light

I’ll keep the kitchen completion suspense going a few days, not because I like building suspense, but because I am far more excited about something else. Lighting. As an F.Y.I there is no “after” at the end of the post, as none of the lighting below as been set up/installed.

Our guest room, my soon to be office (posts here and here about to date updates), has zero lighting. That’s not entirely true, but it might as well be. The brassy gold three bulb ceiling fixture didn’t do much justice to a room with very little natural light. I’m also pretty sure the lights in the fixture were actually hand built by Thomas Edison.

Do you know how much those would be worth? No mortage! Cha-King! In all reality – they have been in there since before we moved in – 4 years ago.  They were also about 2 watt bulbs each.  And one was missing.

I’m no lighting expert, but I feel like the first you should do is step back and assess how you really wanted to use the room. I imagined I would be sewing in there, which definitely requires good lighting. I knew I would be doing business work in there for Green Barn Soaps, and that requires plenty of lighting too. Finally, I knew I would be displaying my soaps in there – in this built in shelf, and I wanted them well lighted.

2.) I removed the old trumpeted & dusty glass covers from the fixture. I did not know they looked like this. I am concerned about the state of unseen dust in the rest of my house now. Old fixture on right. New fixture (explained below) on left.

3.)  I thought I could take the brassy fixture off and spray it white. I figured if it was painted white I would actually love it. Upon removing the center nut holding it to the ceiling I noted how much wiring there was to remove before I could take it down. Plan 2. Put it back up and pretend I totally love it the way it is.

4.) I replaced the old lights and one missing light with 3 CFL bulbs. This made the room significantly brighter immediately. The only issue was if you looked at the fixture directly it looked:

a.) unfinished

b.) like you just glared at the sun from a foot away and permanently scorched your retinas for life.

This needed to be solved a.s.a.p. The two ideas I really liked were modern & clean glass covers for each bulb or putting a large drum shade over the entire fixture. Whatever I chose had to be white.  Not antique white or 80’s Egyptian White. It had to be Bright White in order to get as much light as possible into the dark space.

While at Lowe’s picking up some kitchen upgrade items I spotted these two different ideas. The left is clear seeded glass for about $5.98 per, and right is textured white linen glass for $10.98 per.

I initially left both at the store, hemming and hawing. At Target I found a 15 inch drum shade for $14.99. I brought it home but low and behold it was just too small.

It fit over all of the lights but they touched the inside of the shade and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I picked up an 18 inch shade from Homegoods to try instead.

It was no sooner I got to Target to return the 15″ shade that I saw the 18″ shade in my car light & realized not only was it cream colored, it was a weird-not-drum shape. The way the plastic was wrapped led to me to believe it was. I was apparently “I can’t believe I found an 18″ shade” drunk at Homegoods and overlooked all of this. I sobered up and will be returning it. Even before this revelation I had pretty much decided the drum shade wasn’t the way to go, despite wanting to give it the old college try.

By that I mean doing something you regret in the morning. Like buying a cream colored weird lamp shade.

After Homegoods, with my unsuspecting totally wrong lampshade in the car, I made a stop at Lowes to return a few items. The return total came to almost the exact amount I needed for the three seeded glass covers. I considered it lighting fate, and picked three up for a total of $18.84. At this point I was almost certain I was going the beautiful seeded glass route. I knew that with seeded glass you would be able to see the CFL light through it and there would be very little light diffusion. If this isn’t your look I suggest getting something like the linen light, or frosting the seeded glass. Just be aware that it may be hard to see the “seeds” in it after, so I recommend spraying the inside.

5.) You forgot I was numbering things, didn’t you? I yammer.

6.) Besides ceiling lighting, I knew I really needed some floor lighting. Call it the photography lover in me, but I love items on a tripod. Including the tripod I just bought.

I had to slip that in there, I’m pretty excited about it.

I was pretty stuck on the look of this lamp from Remodelista. This, my friends, is a $960 dollar lamp. Did you just choke on what you were eating/drinking? Go throw yourself over a chair to dislodge any obstructions & wipe off your face from the milk-nose-rocket.

While at Target, I found an almost identical light, with a large white drum shade & silver legs for $50.00. I considered it a late birthday gift to myself, since I had to return a l.l. bean shirt I originally picked out.

I want to let you know I just saved $910 dollars. Even though I never would have bought a $960 dollar lamp and a $50 dollar lamp was pushing it for this Ms. D.I.Y, I still maintain I saved $910 dollars and that makes me feel like I just scored the deal of the century.

Since this is over 1,000 words and the length of a thesis anyway…

In Conclusion

I’m going with three seeded glass covers, which I may or may not frost depending on how it looks in the final room, and a tripod floor lamp with a large drum shade. Once everything is set up and/or installed I will do an update with how it looks.

In the mean time get your sunglasses, put on your sunscreen and don’t stare directly at my light fixture the sun,


P.S. Our Trouble Maker found a paper towel roll. Do you understand the strength involved to rip one in half like this? I’m guessing she had one end, Winnie had the other and they were playing tug. The world will never know.


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