I’m (W)alling in Love

Things have been pretty busy here around the homestead lately. With the last throws of summer upon us it means one big last push to get everything done that needs to be done before the frost sets in. At the end of last month Mr. A was finishing up pouring the base of our foundation for the addition.

To say my husband is a hard worker is an understatement. He is the definition of motivation, hard work and pushing through. He’s a self-motivator, unlike me who likes someone else around while I work on projects. He works hard to get things precise and do it right the first time. When he’s sweating, tired, and anyone else would have given up hours before, he just keeps bulling through a project until it’s complete.

He did precisely that last week to get the foundation walls up and set before any true cold sets in. Here in Maine it could be from tonight until November before our first snow, but our first frost is right around the corner.

First he set the forms and secured them down with strapping.

What I am clearly trying to exhibit in this next photo is his preparedness, you know – with tools, and uhm – the carpenters pencil. Now see, he paints most all of his tools blue so people know they’re his, and uh…yeah so…

I’m so distracted. Moving on.

There is literally nothing I dislike about this picture.

Ok. Really, moving on.

After the forms were set the concrete truck came. In real time this was a few hard days work to get everything set before the truck came. Our coworker L came to help pour the foundation. Mr. A helped him a lot on a trench at his house (while I played with the kids and drank some wine with his awesome wife, it was rough), so he came over to help us out in return.

Fashion Review Break

In case you haven’t noticed, Mr. A has four primary project outfits.

1.) Dingy shirt and work jeans (i.e. stained ripped, etc.)

2.) Well worn Carhartt jean overalls

3.) Well worn Carhartt black tougher overalls

4.) Well worn cold weather coveralls

I have nothing more to say about it, just seeing if you noticed.

Back To The Project

After the concrete was settled the strapping was removed, the forms were pulled and insulation was placed on the interior of the wall.

Mr. A tirelessly back-filled in all of the dirt he dug out. He used Little Red, our ever faithful tractor to get the dirt back in, and then hand filled with a shovel to get it even. He went at this for hours and I somehow forgot to take a single photo of this. Not one.

Food Update Break

During this I tried using some stuff up in the fridge that was about to go bad for lunch. I had just seen grilled tofu on the food network so of course it was a genius idea to feed my hardworking sweaty husband barbecue grilled tofu and chickpeas. The man will eat anything, including tofu, so of course this would be delicious and delectable and we would love it. Or it was gross, immediately composted and I felt guilty after a pathetic eye brow raise and look of “…why….?”. Instead I made fruit smoothies with almonds for protein since I was in the middle of a few things myself, and got him a huge mason jar of cold water and let him go back to work. Ladies – when your husband is working his butt off and hungrier than a logger, and he’s not a vegetarian or vegan, don’t feed him tofu even if he would normally be alright with it. Just don’t do it. The guilt will get you.

Back To the Project

So my friends, we finally have a foundation wall for our addition and we are thrilled. It will stay this way until next spring when we get everything framed up. Oh, and by we I mean Mr. A. I just wanted to make that clear.

I’m so happy.

This wall has been four years in the making.

I love you wall. I love you so much.

I love you too Mr. A. Thank you for my wall.


Excuse me while I go stare out the window at the hole in the ground with a concrete wall around it,


P.S. Don’t worry – I made Mr. A dinner with chicken, pasta and roasted butternut squash with about a stick and 1/2 of butter. The recipe is coming soon. Don’t worry about the quantity of butter in it, it’s almost winter and providing some extra thermal help is what I’m here for.

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