In Addition, I’m Joist So Happy.

And the blog post title takes first place in the lameathon!

Last year we finally finished the foundation to our addition and it was hands down one of the happiest moments this house has ever seen. Okay, and maybe me too.

This year it’s even more exciting because we’re actually building our addition! The boys, with their officially genetically altered mutant ox DNA, are building this addition faster than I ever could have imagined. It was made even better by coming home to see this in my driveway on Friday.

Getting to this point  definitely required some prep work in the last week. We removed some of the siding to explore what was really there (you never know what you’ll find in this house) and also so we could apply the ledger boards.

We didn’t find anything too shocking, but we did find where the old family carved their names into the insulation, including some measurements.

One of the things Andy noticed was how not-true the house and especially the old addition are. Once he marked out where the ledger boards should go, and we made a chalk line it was even more apparent. Thankfully his work will true everything up.

With the marks all set, the ledger boards were installed. These are not pressure treated lumber. Even though they are exterior as of this very moment, they will be interior and not exposed to the elements.

Once the joists were up and we cleaned the area out a little, it looked a little more like this.

We moved the old stairs out of the way (now in the front right of the photo above) so we could rake up the area and remove a small pad of asphalt the previous owners poured.

Next up came the vapor barrier. Andy got it for free and it happened to be just a few feet larger than we needed it. Lucky day? You bet. It also proved how undeniably weak I am. That thing was heavy.

Once we got it into place in all four corners, I was instructed to “stand there” so it could be pulled tight into the other two corners. I am so useful. Oh and yes, that is what I wear to work in when it’s so hot and humid you’re almost breathing liquid. I wasn’t thinking about it when I asked Casey to take photos of the process. C’est la vie.

The final “prep” was to tape up the vapor barrier on the insulation sides, and seal it down with adhesive on the house sides. The tape is red and is specifically for construction seams, i.e. vapor barriers.

With the prep work complete, it was time to install the joist hangers and get a floor installed. On Saturday morning the boys woke up early and got right into it. The reason the vapor barrier is so dirty in comparison to the photo above is because it rained pretty heavy on Friday night, and washed dirt from the roof into it.

When the joists were installed, Andy placed a board across the top of them and secured it in order to keep the joists from bowing while insulation was installed and before the bracing went in.

All day the radio kept stopping for the emergency signal saying there were flash flood and thunderstorm warnings but the sky showed bright blue. The subfloor got closer to complete and the sky started slowly getting cloudier and cloudier. There’s one small row left to be done in the photo below, despite it looking complete. It’s just the angle.

Right as Casey laid the very last piece of subfloor I announced I felt a rain drop on my back.

Within 30 seconds it was downpouring, and we had just finished for the day. We ran around to get things covered, power tools put in the house and decided to call it a night. I’m happy to say I’m finally caught back up on our progress, so all posts from here on out should be within a day or two of when we’ve done something. I am pretty excited about the progress we got done today, and I can’t wait to show you, but for now it’s bedtime.



4 thoughts on “In Addition, I’m Joist So Happy.

  1. I’m so glad to see you happier than some days ago, and working in your reno! Your addition is going to look awesome.
    I’m sure though times will come to an end (for all of us). So, please, don’t surrender!

    Best wishes from Spain, and congratulations! 🙂

    1. I think it’s definitely one of those up and down processes when you’re re-evaluating things but there’s only one thing you can do—pick yourself up by the bootstraps and carry on.

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I’m so glad (and humbled) to know I have a reader in Spain!


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