“Inspection Day and Insulation”, Alternately Called, “You Know You Live In A Small Town When You’re Not Home and Your Inspection Still Takes Place”

I live in a small Maine town and like many small New England towns everyone more or less knows each other. We also happen to go to church in our small town. This means the connections go even further. Maybe this is just a small town in anywhere-USA thing. The point is when most people find out they weren’t home when the inspector stopped by, and then did the inspection anyway when you weren’t home, they might freak out. As for us? We just laughed.

To be honest, I wouldn’t laugh if I found this out about just anyone, but we know the inspector well and trust him. I might be weirded out if I found out someone I know came in my house and just hung out. By “might be” weirded out I mean “would be”.

The good news is that our electrical and plumbing passed inspection with flying colors. Yay! Now, let’s back up a minute and discuss insulation.

This past weekend we finished insulating with Roxul as far as we could before the electrical inspection.

DSC_1257-01We decided to use Roxul for a few reasons including price, stability, material (mineral based), and warmth. I won’t say you won’t get itchy putting it up because you will however according to Andy it’s nothing compared to working with fiberglass.

The hardest part of insulating was absolutely positively the roof on the second floor. The difficulty came in the fact we have vaulted ceilings since we’re leaving the beams exposed. It essentially meant Andy spent countless hours cutting insulation and climbing up and down the ladder and up onto scaffolding, until he taught me how to cut insulation.

DSC_1212-01It was so nice to both learn a new skill and be able to work with Andy on the house. It gives a sense of ownership. Roxul is cut with a basic insulation knife, and I used a plywood template Andy made with the correct angle on it to cut the ends. There were some special cuts to get around each beam, but after a little spacial skill assessment and help from Andy I was on my way.

Here’s the ceiling part way through.

DSC_1220-01And here’s the ceiling after. It is as toasty and cozy as it looks. It became straight up hot for Andy as he worked near the peak. We joke that we may end up sleeping with the windows open and a sheet year round, including during a blizzard.

DSC_1272-01The most challenging part of this whole ceiling was above the stairs. It is very tall. The photo below is with me standing on the landing after the first set of stairs. Like I said, super tall.

DSC_1243-01It took staging, plus a ladder, to get up there and even then it was sketchy. We were both thankful when it was over.

DSC_1260-01If anyone believes insulating isn’t messy (are there people out there who think that?) think again. First photo is before cleanup in the other second floor bedroom, the second picture is after a quick cleanup in the master bedroom.

DSC_1269-01 DSC_1270-01It took a lot of time and work, but I’m happy to say the ceiling is finally done on the entire second floor.

DSC_1264-01 DSC_1265-01 DSC_1268-01I can’t believe we’re so close to drywall. With the electrical inspection passed, all we need to do now is finish drywalling, wait out January to build up some more funds (if we can stand waiting) and then start drywalling! Before you know it I’ll be learning how to hang and mud drywall and maybe, oh just maybe, lay some flooring. I’ve laid flooring before though and I kind of loved it. My back hated it, but I loved it.

I also love my husband for working so hard and coming so incredibly far on this addition in such a short period of time. He’s the man. With that said, excuse me while I log off to go spend some time with said man.



P.S. If you’re wondering how the dogs reacted when our inspector came in, it was relayed to us that Rosie attempted to lick him to pieces and Winnie barked profusely until he left. Thanks girls. You’re doing a stellar job. There’s a reason we’re getting a real heavy duty alarm system put in – and not of the canine kind.

5 thoughts on ““Inspection Day and Insulation”, Alternately Called, “You Know You Live In A Small Town When You’re Not Home and Your Inspection Still Takes Place”

  1. Oh gosh, what a beautiful sight! I cringe at the thought of putting drywall up there – heavy lifting! Although maybe there are tools that help with that? I can feel the warmth. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Heather!! I’ve been following your blog via email for FOREVER! I just love all the posts about your house!! I wanted to stop by and let you know I’m looking for guest bloggers for BEB Blog and I wasn’t sure if you’d be too busy or not, but I’d love to have you as one of them!! If you’re interested you can find more details here:


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    1. I just got so excited to read that you’ve been following my blog forever. People do that?! Excuse me while I make my excited/moment-of-realization face which is similar to a Taylor Swift surprised face, only less surprised, with the added benefit of a weird hand movement that looks like raising the roof. I’m sure it’s all quite very awkward to see in person.

      Sadly I don’t have time to guest blog right now between my renovations, working, this blog and that I’ll be doing a couple posts on another one, but I appreciate the offer so much! You’re so sweet. Yay for new blog friends.


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