It Runs In The Family

There must be families out there who as a preference, choose houses that are almost ready to move into and need very little work.

Then there’s our families. I was thinking about our immediate families, and realized that every single one of our parents, at some point in their life—and some more than once—have fully renovated a home. Sometimes they even renovate homes just because they can.

  • My Mom and Dad renovated a farm house when I was a toddler.
  • Andy’s Mom and Dad renovated and added a second floor onto their house.
  • Andy’s Dad then renovated and added onto the house he’s in now, and it’s still a work in progress.
  • My Dad has renovated the kitchen and some flooring in my childhood home.
  • My Mom bought a new house back here in Maine and the first thing she did was renovate it to her taste, despite it being in good condition.
  • Andy’s sister and brother in-law are renovating his huge grandparents four square in the mountains of Maine.
  • My brother once lived with a girl who bought a house…and he did a bunch of work renovating it.
  • I’m pretty positive if my sister ever bought a home base for her nomadic adventurous lifestyle it would be a fixer upper. In Europe. Or Colombia. Or Maine. Okay, you never really know, but I’m positive it wouldn’t be move in ready.

This is only our immediate families-we aren’t even talking extended family.

So when Andy’s Mom recently bought a new house here in Maine, which used to be an old sawmill office, it was no surprise when this was the first thing to happen only days after closing (narrated by my sister in law).

The video was taken with my point and shoot, and so it doesn’t really grasp how beautiful the flooring really was. Also, I apologize for yelling “aahhhgg old people smell” referring to the moldy smell in the home after the woman moved out, not stating that old people literally smell. I know what I’m getting at in my head but when it comes out verbally it sometimes sounds horrible. Old people, I love you and you do not smell, I promise.

Clearly this house has a lot of carpet that needed/needs to come up and we were able to get rid of a lot of it in one weekend. You’ve been forewarned I use the word scrotum after my husband told me to “nut up”. I believe more than once. The other male voice in this is my brother in law, Gabe who is married to Andy’s sister. Going along the theme of “not paying attention to what people say and speaking out loud in regards to a different thought in my head” I am not saying “whatever” to Jessie at the end. I am referring to the carpet getting caught again and “whatevering” the carpet.

I am very awkward.

So maybe the four of us ripped up some carpet when Celeste wasn’t there…but that just meant we got a video reveal! I love the sarcasm. If you’re curious we didn’t rip the entire carpet up so there would be pathways from room to room since there would still be a lot of heavy moving going on. We wanted to protect the floor as much as possible.

There is another unedited video from this weekend, of the dogs swimming in the trout pond, on my Youtube page (you can get to it by clicking on the video itself), which you are welcome to watch. I cannot guarantee any of the words used in them, or conversations, are work friendly as I haven’t really watched them through yet. I’m pretty sure they are okay.  I am not responsible for any side effects you have from viewing or having to listen to my voice. Unless you’re enjoying them and laughing. In that case, you’re welcome.

Oh and as an update to this post on our addition renovations, our house appraisal came back high enough to drop our PMI (premium mortgage insurance) woot woot!!



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    1. Oh no! Haha. It’s still not what I meant. I should be banned from videos and yet I’m self deprecating enough to still post them.


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