January Etsy Shop Shout Out: Village Clayworks

Village Clayworks by Catherine Reece

I’ve mentioned before I have a thing for pottery, but this was a little different. It made me cringe, laugh and love it all at once. Catherine Reece is the artist behind Village Clayworks and she makes beautiful pottery and then paints it with little bugs and animals that you can’t help but adore—even if the bug is a cockroach or dung beetle.

Each piece is unique and adorable and at the same time made me furrow my brow going “what the heck?!” and I loved every single second of it. There are so many reasons I love Etsy, and finding a woman who can paint bugs that skeeze me out (cockroaches) into a bug that I think “that’s so cute!” is the kind of woman I like. I have to be entirely honest that I’m still entirely skeezed out by a cockroach painted on anything, but the fact this one is saying “hello” made me grin ear to ear laughing, and I would actually use it. In my home. That says a lot about Catherine’s ability and talent.

Her tagline is, “whimsical pottery for every day use” and I feel like that couldn’t be more true. I would also like to nonchalantly hand my guests an adorable mug with a dung beetle and a disgusting fact about them written in whimsical writing on it and see how long it took them to figure it out.

And while the bluebird makes me go “awww” since I made two similar blue birds to top our wedding cake….

…everytime I look at this bowl and the faces on the praying mantes I crack up. The lips slay me. They are the perfect goofy touch paired with these huge eyes. I showed Mr.A as I was laughing and he just looked at me like I was cracked out, and then reverted to watching YouTube video’s of Red Green (also hilarious).

Aahahaha. The mustache. Dying over here. I’m nerding out over this. If it had a single spectacle on it I would have a hard time not immediately purchasing it. I’m only barely doing so now. Thankfully I’m pretty good at controlling myself.

Literally every. single. thing. on her site is wonderfully charming and adorable and hilarious at the same time. I’m almost positive my reaction to these has nothing to do with getting up early and staying at work late.

Oh Catherine, I love you too.

I invite you to check out Village Clayworks you haven’t yet, and maybe make a beautiful cockroach or hilariously wonderful praying mantis a part of your home. As always, this isn’t paid or perked. Catherine has no idea I’m writing about her.

I fully expect all praying mantes to have red lips and/or mustaches from here on out.  I can’t stop thinking about them.

Much Love,




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