Kitchen Updates, Stenciling & Two Goons

Who upgrades their kitchen before they renovate it?

*points two thumbs at self* This little lady right here.

Yes, we are updating it before we entirely rip it all down and make a whole new kitchen. Why? Because we like to be difficult. Because it might be another year or so before we renovate and it’s driving me nuts. Because really we’re just mudding, caulking and painting. Because it will help with our equity so hopefully we can drop our PMI.

Without further ado, our kitchen looks almost identical to when we moved in. Here it is, almost right after we moved in over four years ago.

If I could find a more recent photo of the kitchen “before” I would show you. There’s no need though. Besides a few appliance switch outs we still have the same cabinets, same counters, same floors, same ceiling. Same. Same. Same. What has been getting worst have been the walls.

Ok, maybe they haven’t been getting worst. It just seems like it to me. I think they have always been pretty terrible. So the other day, while I was painting the guest room (post to come) Andy got started on the kitchen.

First he had me clear off the counters from appliances. This is the point in the blog post when I turn to Andy and ask him what on earth the steps were he did besides mudding.

Me: “What did you do first?”

Andy: “The first thing I did was put on my overalls…dungarees. *smug grin* Pretty awesome dungarees, huh?”

Me: “Did you sand first?”

Andy: “Nope.”

Me: “So you just mudded?”

Andy: “Yep, just slung it on.”

Me: “What’s the technical term? I know it’s called mudding…”

Andy: ” I mixed up a setting type joint compound called Durabond 45, which is a chemical set (joint compound) versus the other kind, which just dries out.”

After mudding everything up, he let it all set until dry which took about a day. Once that was done he went around and sanded each part smooth. So, as of right now this is what it looks like. You can see on the right hand side, on the skinny part of the wall next to the pass through, where I tested a dark beige/greige color. The color we chose will actually be a little lighter. I’m going between two different but similar colors, which I’ll divulge in a later post.

If you’re curious how this ties into the other large living areas of the house, here’s a better photo. On the left is the kitchen, in the middle is the common room, and on the far right is the living room.  I even took this without picking up – just for you.

What you can’t see in this photo is on the floor in the living room, which I noticed after taking the above photo. Two goons found my rice bag, and oven mit, and dish towel, today.

Besides the obvious guilt on their faces, you may have noticed behind the woodstove is now painted. That’s because I attempted to stencil it freehand.

Now, I could tell you that I attempted to paint the lines freehand and had no idea my hands were that shaky. I could even then show you a photo of said destruction….or you could just take my word for it since I didn’t take a photo. We could pretend I totally intended to always paint it solid, particularly Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore color matched at Home Depot.

The photo below was taken when:

a.) I obviously hadn’t pulled the tape yet

b.) The makeshift curtain was hanging from the guest room

c.) I hadn’t styled the top mantle above the woodstove

d.) The kitchen was in disarray, hence the microwave on the table.

e.) The pile of clothes next to the bookshelf is a Goodwill pile.  The plastic on the other side and bins are painting items. The basket is full of the dogs sticks & other toys. I have yet to figure out why it’s in this room in the photo, since it stays in the living room.

5.) The pillows are a wreck in living room because Primrose loves to dig on them before she lays down.

So now that we’re done mudding the kitchen, we still have the following to do:

  • Replace the corner door cabinet which fell off. By fell off I mean lost an hinge and I got so annoyed I took it off completely.
  • Caulk around all of the trim
  • Prime all of the trim
  • Do an initial coat of paint over the mudded areas. Joint compound holds paint differently so it’s important to do a pre-coat of either your paint or primer over the mudded areas, making sure to feather the edges so when you do your full coat there are no weird lines.
  • Do a coat of white on the trim
  • Do a coat or two of paint on the walls
  • Deglaze the backsplash behind the stove and above the sink, and paint it

As for now, this already looks better. You can trust me on this one.

Happy Mudding, Stenciling, Painting and more,


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Updates, Stenciling & Two Goons

  1. How exciting. We’ve been talking about updating our kitchen before we redo it as well. There are so many items to tackle before the BIG kitchen job. We’ve also lived in our house for 4 years. Makes me sad about what I’ve been able to put up with for so long. Good luck.

    1. I can’t believe it sometimes either. I look back at some photos and cringe. I just *need* to paint the kitchen. We opted to leave the cabinets unpainted now since it’s a ton of work and we are entirely replacing them down the line. If we end up reusing them I’ll deal with it then! Good luck on your own pre-reno upgrade!

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