Laundry Room Shelving

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’ve been traveling 3 of the last 4 weekends and I’m wiped out. I, by the way, am a terrible traveler. Everything I’ve had to do has been overnights, but all within driving distance. By the end of the third weekend away from home though photos like this tend to happen. I cannot be held accountable or for the fact that I tend to lose my tree when I am away from home for too many weekends. I have no idea how my sister travels around the world. I think she has super-acclimation powers. This, by the way, is one of my very best friends and I at her surprise bridal shower on Sunday. I’m pretty lucky to have her in my life, but not as lucky as she is to have a fox like me in hers. I plan on making this face in every wedding photo of hers. I’ve also informed her I plan on crimping my hair and wearing teal eyeshadow.

Point being, now that traveling is over for a while and I’m slowly acclimating back to normal whatever that is I’m going to be back blogging on here more frequently. So get ready friends, this shindig is about to get crazy.

By crazy I mean uhm, dogs and cows and house projects while I listen to NPR. I am out of contrrooll.

Back to the point of this post-this is our laundry area/pantry right off of the kitchen. What you aren’t seeing is the rest of the detergent and other stuff all over the floor. Frankly, I wanted a shelf. I needed a shelf. Without a shelf I was lost. *falls to knees with fists up in the air*

Okay okay, this is really much more boring than that,  but I really did want a shelf to hold all of our detergent, soap nuts, and other knickknacks that I deem absolutely necessary.

That said, I decided to build a shelf.

By “I”, I mean I told Andy I wanted to do it, and it was my project, and I picked out the wood from the barn, and I picked out the brackets. Then I measured everything out, looked at Andy and said, “how do I do this?”, well knowing that if I used the table saw I would likely have two incomplete things-a hand and a shelf.

At first I wanted to leave the wood aged looking, until Andy informed me the “aged” look to the pine was dirt and other things one shouldn’t breath regularly. I didn’t even want it all gray and awesome anyway.

First, and completely out of order, I picked up brackets I liked from Home Depot. I think these were under $15.00. I decided to go with 10″ brackets because I didn’t want things crammed on my shelves and overhanging it. I knew this would mean I would have to make the shelf two boards wide, since we didn’t have any 12″ wide boards, but I was okay with that.

I did not buy these months ago and then let them sit around until I got to making the shelf, hence the dust. That is not how I roll. Not. In. The. Least.

The second thing I did (not months later) was measure how long my wall was, where the studs were, and then measure the same distance on my boards. To back it up, we have a barn with a bunch of lumber in it, so I climbed on up and grabbed pine that Andy said I could use. By “grabbed pine” I mean I picked out what I thought was pine and then pressed my nail into it to see if it was soft and then decided that it must be pine. I know a pine tree. I can tell pine when it’s all cleaned up. But dirty old pine? Fat chance.

Any of my husbands family reading this just cringed that I can’t identify pine on sight.  Also, I live in Maine. There are four very stereotypical things I feel I should be able to identify on site.

Moose. Check.

Blueberries. Check.

Lobster. Check.

Pine. Uhhhhgg.

Anyway, I needed to make sure it was long enough to overlap my brackets, and for my brackets to each be in a stud. Thankfully for me the two boards I picked out worked perfectly.

By perfectly I mean they needed to be cut to length…

sanded down…


edged on the joiner…

…biscuit joined together

…and then clamped.

For 48 hours. Or maybe it was 24. I don’t remember. But it felt like forever. I am so darn impatient.

After that I asked about a thousand times if I could hang it up yet. By a thousand I mean three times. Finally when the answer was yes I bounced downstairs. Then I realized I didn’t want plain wood.

So I painted it the same color as the wall, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (color matched at Home Depot to Behr). I used one thick coat, but I knew it would soak into the wood enough to show the grain, and I liked it.

Then, after a few more hours of doing stuff around the house and not repeatedly checking on how dry the paint was, I was finally able to hang the darn shelf. I didn’t get any photos of the hanging process since I was the one doing it.

I was reminded this was my project and since I made sure it was known it was my project, I got to hang it. Son of a bee sting. The quick rundown was something like this:

  • Marked the studs.
  • Use Andy’s long level to make sure everything lined up.
  • Screwed the brackets in.
  • Checked if everything was level again.
  • Put the shelf on top and stepped back a thousand times to make sure the overhang was right before I remembered the measuring tape on my hip and got it exact in about 3 seconds.
  • Screwed the brackets into the shelving.
  • Slipped the covers onto the brackets so you couldn’t see the screws.
  • Danced up and down because I finally had a shelf.
  • Put things up on the shelf and changed it about a thousand times.
  • Took about 100 photos at night because I was too impatient to wait until better natural light.

I love my shelf. Don’t judge my entirely unused beverage dispenser up there. I debated on putting laundry detergent in it. Then I bought laundry detergent and placed it directly next to the unused beverage dispenser. Or the fact that the edging to the ceiling isn’t finished. I’m betting you didn’t even notice until I said something so look away folks, nothing to see here.

As a recap since we all hate scrolling. Here are the before and afters again.

I love having shelves. Maybe someday I’ll get plate covers.

Oh forget that, we’re gutting this baby to the studs soon. By soon I mean in about a year or so. No plate covers reminds me of this fact though and I refuse to spruce up anymore until it’s for good.

Or so I say now.

Until then, I have a shelf, and I like it. And I built it all by myself.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Happy “Building”,



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