Like A Rolling Stone {Backsplash}

Even though we’re quite possibly years away from a kitchen renovation, I like to look at finishes and drool. Nothing keeps morale up like getting a good design drool going.

We may have only just finished painting the kitchen (pre-renovation upgrade), putting our foundation in, and putting our retaining wall in, but I’m already at the step where we’re installing wall tile/a backsplash in our brand new kitchen. Oh, and while we’re at it – the wall is gone, the island with a gorgeous wood top is in place, my white cabinets are installed, my beautiful counters which are still yet unspecified in this daydream are put in, and my gorgeous stainless steel six burner gas stove has arrived.

In my head, my kitchen does not even remotely look anything like this anymore.

So my latest day {internet searching frenzy} dream included wall tile and backsplash for the kitchen. I’m a sucker for bringing natural materials into a space to try and make the inside and outside feel cohesive. I guess living in the country does that to you. I’m also a sucker for clean lines and simple finishes that pack a punch. I figured the best place to look online for options would be The Tile Shop. No, they have no idea I’m writing this. I just like what they have, and it makes for good brainstorming.

First off, I love this kitchen {and Pinterest}. Sea glass with variegated blue/green colors makes me feel all whimsical. It seems clean, easy to wipe down and sophisticated. It makes me feel like I could have a white sofa in my house and it would never be covered with dirt. Except that I can never have a white sofa in my house because it will get covered in dirt. This wall tile might work. I like the idea of how easy it would be to clean when put in behind the stove.

I found this similar sugar glass online, and it made me smile. I would actually run this vertical, not horizontal.

So, more like this.

However, I also enjoy the idea of a super neutral background and punching the color up with accessories, so I can easily change things if need be. Again, I would use this vertically. It’s called Cape Cod Glass. I rotated it so you can see. If we did this, I would imagine this only behind the stove, and then a complimentary color on the walls.

And even thought the upkeep on these next two would be painful, I have to admit that I absolutely positively completely wholly one-hundred-percent adore stone. I know it’s certainly not for everyone, let alone inside their house. This one called Tuscon is gorgeous but frankly, with all the custom woodwork that will be in our house, and a husband who doesn’t like beautiful natural wood covered with paint, it might just be too much. I love light and airy decor anchored by a few wood pieces, but if we’re going to be having a lot of wood in our house – and I’m sure we will, this will just be too heavy and masculine for me.

Finally, there is the Pièce de résistance. This set of stone tile has killed me since the moment I saw it – months ago. I can’t help but be completely enamored over it. I may or may not look at it at least once every couple weeks.

Because I have it bookmarked on my computer.

This, to me, is the perfect compromise between stone and not having it so so heavy and dark. It’s beautiful and I can picture this everywhere except right behind the stove. With the way we cook {full heart, full throttle} it’s bound to get dirty. Goodness gracious though it’s beautiful. I almost don’t care it’s $10.99 a square foot. I almost don’t care it might be hard to clean. I almost…no, I don’t care, because it’s just. So. Me.

Ok, I do care it’s $10.99 a square foot. But in my daydream, I do not care.

I love the teal and gold strains through it. I love the natural patina. I love how light it feels despite being stone. I love that if I lose out on white cabinets, which is a real possibility, that this will go absolutely breathtakingly with douglas fir, maple or cherry cabinets. There are cons though. The cons are that it would be hard to decorate outside this general color scheme, and the kitchen is open to the rest of the house – and this wall would be facing it. Also, I’m not sure of the cleaning factor. Even if it isn’t behind the stove, it still seems like it would be like an absolute pain in the ass.

The long and short is, that even if it doesn’t end up in my kitchen, we may have to make it happen somewhere else, like in the bathroom – because I am so enamored with it. This is a long shot of the actual layout and size of our bathroom, but the stone is a good inspiration. I imagine I wouldn’t put it to the ceiling though.

Then again, there is this entirely different tile that makes me jump in the air and click my heels together, bunch up my hands into fists and shriek in excitement. Ok, it really just makes me grin ear to ear, but in my head I’m doing it.

Even though I don’t think I could actually handle it long term, if I saw this in a house for sale I would likely tell Andy we had. to. buy. it. now.

When it comes down to it though, if you want me to be honest I think I’ll likely end up sticking with a beautiful and light colored variegated subway tile in a brick pattern. Looking at a photo like this doesn’t give me any doubts. It would be easy to maintain and it makes my heart feel calm and fluttery at the same time – which is how I feel design should work. It’s functional and beautiful.I see no con’s only pro’s.

And there’s a pot filler above the stove. Of all things on my wish-list-of-things-that-may-never-be-true- this is it. When we redo our kitchen and the layout of the house in general, our stove is going to in the general vicinity of where the bathroom is now. That means there will be plumbing. That means that I will pray and hope and slightly beg and not so slightly remind Andy how fantastic it would be to have one. I feel like the right photo was taken specifically for me. I can see myself standing at something almost identical in a few years.

I like knowing that at the end of the day, my house is entirely finished in my head. Ok, not entirely, but more or less. Now I just have to let Andy know this.

I think he already knows.

Now off to cook a five star meal in this daydream kitchen of mine. With Julia Childs.

Oh, and P.S. Andy just saw this post while I was previewing it and let me know that one of his clients kitchens looks a lot like that one above. And they have a pot filler. They even have a daughter with one of my favorite names ever, Evangeline. Fate I tell you. Fate.

Happy Decor Day Dreaming,


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