Locking It Up

We’ve started moving furniture up into our bedroom.


I know! I’ve barely taken any photos (see time management above) and frankly, it’s a little hard to take pictures when you’re hauling one end of an oak dresser. So here’s what’s happened since Andy started installing trim:

First, we finished the trim. Literally, we finished installing it and putting a finish on it. I know that painting trim white is this huge thing in the blog world, but we did not. We did a simple Danish oil to preserve the natural look of the wood. We did a simpler trim style upstairs, and Andy jokes that it’s “camp chic”. Now let me be clear, I grew up with painted trim and I actually like it. I think it makes the room seem more ethereal. When I first met Andy he showed me a room he liked and I said, “That’s so much wood!” to which every family member in the room looked at me and gasped. There is no such thing in my husbands family as too much wood in a home. So, in some ways I’m still getting used to it but I have to admit it’s super pretty in person. It just feels like such a grown up house. Am I a grown up yet? I guess so. I have a great job with awesome benefits and I’m almost 30. How did that happen?

image7 image9Second, for the last few nights I’ve been painting a second coat in each room. Because I’m a messy painted, I taped off all of the baseboard and around windows to ensure I didn’t make a giant crap-fest of everything. I’ll get you photos when we’re done with all the rooms but to be honest, they don’t look much different. I will say that the Eider White in the master bedroom looks more like the swatch now and is a little more gray and I really love it. I still need to finish the downstairs bedroom, and we need to do the staircase walls as well as touch up the ceilings where I accidently bumped them with rollers. I told you – crap-fest.

Third, and the point of this post we installed door knobs / locks on the doors!

I got the door knobs though, so it’s all a win. I can say that finding knobs I was happy with wasn’t really that easy but it wasn’t that hard either. Here was the criteria:

  • Silver to match the locks on the front and dooryard doors
  • Not glass. I wanted vintage glass knobs but Andy doesn’t like glass knobs as much so we nixed them. I wasn’t 100% set on them anyway
  • Low-profile
  • Very very simple design (it’s the modern preference in me)
  • Not expensive
  • Available in a pop/twist lock and plain
  • Brushed so fingerprints aren’t on them all the time

We first went to Lowes and while they had an option we liked from Schlage, they didn’t have the style I liked in stock. At just under $30 a knob (with tax) I was a little *gulp* about it. It’s really not that pricey but for not the exact style I wanted I wasn’t totally sold. The next day I went to Home Depot on my way home from work and found a set from Kwikset that was both in stock, and cheaper. They were definitely up my alley, and a style I was very happy with.  

image2Andy was installing these, while I was painting the upstairs bedroom and the moment we not only saw a knob on the door AND that we actually had a door in the house that shut and locked properly it was like reality happening. This dream of when we bought the house was real. Weird that of all moments the knob was one of those “this is real!” moments but it was.

6 3Simple, basic, and wonderful. Now to finish the painting, get the railing put up, finish moving in and….you know what, I’m just going to stop and enjoy the moment for what it is in this moment and not think about everything else ahead that needs to be done. Knobs? Happy.



Psst – We’re slammed lately, so I’ve decided it’s time for my twice-annual social media cleanse. I am not taking a break from the blog though! I feel most everyone should take a couple weeks away from social media, or at least do it very minimally at least a few times a year. So, for now I’m taking a cold turkey break from Instagram, Twitter and I’ll be minimal on Facebook (maybe checking once or twice a day to respond to anything, since let’s face it – it’s how lots of people connect with each other). If you want to catch me in the mean time, shoot me an email or leave a comment!

5 thoughts on “Locking It Up

  1. ok so i been looking for a way to contact andy for quite a while and after alot of searching i have found your website. i grew up with andy and i would like to be able to give him a call and i cant find his phone number anywhere. my phone number is ((redacted)) if you could let andy know i was looking for him that would be great thanks

    1. Hi Ryan! I’ve texted Andy your number, but redacted it from your comment so it wouldn’t show. You helped Andy build the truck rack (or you built it, I can’t remember)! Nice to hear from you.

  2. I love that doorknobs are your “real” moment. I’d never thought about it that way, but I can see how that would apply. I love those moments when a space begins to feel like a place that you actually might live rather than just a construction zone. I think furniture and actually moving into your room might make it really real!

  3. Too funny. I just replaced all the doorknobs in my house with the same ones. I did put a bar type one on the outside door. I love them and want them in my new house. Easy on old hands!!

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