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I am officially Mrs. Mister A. After weeks of being MIA on my blog and on facebook, and after a detox week in the North Woods of Maine I can happily exclaim that after a wonderful wedding I can focus back on my handmade soap company, and my blog. After a year of planning (let’s use that term loosely) I now need a new project.

Trust me, I have plenty planned.

I will be making a nice long post on all of the wedding details, but I want to wait and see the professional photos first, so it may be a bit. I had  a lot of help from my best friend and my sister and countless other people the week before my wedding. As most wedding go, some things happened and other things didn’t – but nothing was a big deal. We were repeatedly told that it was the most fun wedding (including some people’s own) that they had ever been too, which made me incredibly happy.

I’m married. I have a husband.

*does the cabbage patch, worm and the sprinkler*

This makes for a very very happy Heather. I’m pretty sure my face was glued like this all day. The pastor did introduce us as Mr. and Mrs. Enthusiasm after all.

Courtesy of Alexandra Roberts Photography

Now, onto the next ventures and living this crazy married life as a crazy wedded wife!

Much Love,

Mrs. Mister A


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