Maybe It’s A Carport?

It’s sneak ‘peak’ reveal time! I asked you on twitter to guess what this photo was. So without spoiling it yet, here’s the sneak “peak” one more time.

With Andy on “vacation” this week, and the help of my father-in-law, the house has been flying together. I’m pretty sure it has actually come together slowly and nail by nail but Andy makes it look effortless, honestly. I know it isn’t though, because I see his exhaustion at the end of a day, and the bruises, bangs, cuts, etc. What I’m trying to say is I’m really grateful for him and his capabilities.

Everyday I come home from work there’s something awesome that has happened. When I got home from work on Tuesday there was a literal light at the end of the tunnel. On Wednesday I didn’t get home until late because of a work function and I’m pretty sure I face planted on the bed so I didn’t even see the progress. I barely remember walking in the house. It was 10pm. I know there is someone else out there, under 30, who also considers 10pm bedtime..and that might be pushing it some nights.

The point is, I didn’t see any progress until Thursday evening (I may have slept in late on Thursday morning and thus didn’t get a look then either). Once I got home on Thursday evening though, I was in for a surprise. There was a porch with a roof! On Tuesday, which I didn’t tell you about, the framing to the porch was up but I didn’t expect to see the roof for a while. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Does the sneak “peak” look familiar now?

It’s *huge*. Like Donald Trump saying huge. It’s UUUge. UGE. Mainly, because there is no floor down yet, but it’s still pretty tall and massive (in a good way).

From the top, the boards might look a little familiar. Perhaps a little like this and this?

Now you know why I pulled nails from every single interior board we pulled down. It’s all about salvaging and reusing materials around here! Truth be told, I thought the colors would be facing down but I’m actually glad they weren’t. We won’t see the colors once the roof is on, but it’s fun to know they are there. I’m a huge fan however of the rustic look of the boards from underneath. It turns out I didn’t hate them after all, I just hated them inside my house and installed terribly.

It’s hard for me to really show you the scale of this. Once we put the floor on, which will be level with the livingroom, it won’t seem so massive but right now it really does. We could literally (and I mean literally) fit all three of our cars underneath of it. We may actually use this as a literal carport this winter since we aren’t planning on putting the decking down until next spring/summer.

Here’s a better visual of the height of not only the porch, but the new addition. The tractor in this photo is a very large farm tractor. For further scale, Andy is darn near 6ft tall.

You can see in the photo above that all of the windows on the second floor are now cut out too! I got home just in time to grab my camera, and get photos of Andy cutting them out. He started by measuring on the exterior, doing a plunge cut, and then using the skill saw to cut the rest out.

I love that face, it’s from the sawdust kicking back at him and instead of a mask he just muscled through it haha. Next up the master bathroom window.

From the front, you can get a good idea of how wide the porch looks in person. The actual dimensions are about 9×40.

From the back it looks even larger because of the slope.

It’s getting there piece by piece. It’s hard to believe we only started this one month ago. Friday when I got home Andy was framing out the second floor windows on this back side, and putting in the collar ties but I’ll talk about that in another post. Time to go harvest blackberries!



2 thoughts on “Maybe It’s A Carport?

  1. It really is coming along! When all is said and done, you will have a lovely home! Thanks for all the posts, keeping us up to date. I don’t know what your decorating style is, except for what I’ve seen on Pinterest, but I think the underside of your porch roof would be lovely painted some shade of aqua.

    1. You’re so welcome, Sondra! I’m so glad you love following the progress (and I enjoy getting your notes/comments on twitter and instagram!). My decor style is a mix of old pieces and newer…modern farmhouse-ish meets shaker style? Haha. I’m not sure what I would call it. We’ll see what happens when I actually have a finished house to really decorate! I can’t imagine Andy would go for teal boards (though we both love the natural look anyway). That said, I do love the idea of it! I’ve already thought about putting a pop of teal out there somewhere, so you and I are along the same lines!


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