Mid-Addition Video House Tour

Can I start this by saying oh my goodness all things great in this world it is hot out today. Now, for my southern readers you will simply laugh at me, but it’s in the 90’s and humid as all get out. This girl has molasses for blood and would prefer it on the low end of 60 over the high end of 90 if I had to choose. My theory is you can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so much off without going to jail.

So with that said, as we sweat in places I wasn’t sure was possible, pull nails, and are framing up the second floor addition, I made this video for you. I’ve been away so I missed the entire framing of the first floor, which you can see here via a text message picture from Andy. As far as the demolition of the second floor original addition, I missed that because I was talking with my neighbor by the barn. We heard a loud crack, looked over, and the walls were being pushed over. My camera was no where with me. C’est la vie.

Who needs photos though when we have video! Oh, and Youtube asked if I wanted the slight “shake” fixed in the video and it made it all hilariously even weirder shakier.




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