My Burl(y) Man

Andy never ceases to confuse my brain with what he does. Just when I think I’ve figured out exactly what he’s capable of he does something that makes my brain screech it’s brakes on, because he just one upped himself.

I truly do not understand it.

Yesterday while I was revamping my Green Barn Soaps website due to sneaky hooligan hijinks which rendered it useless, Andy took the dogs for a walk. Apparently on said walk he found a dead cherry tree with a small burl on it, and pulled the tree down – with his hands. Let me tell you something about burles. They are ugly. They look like nasty growths on the side of a tree, which they sort of are—except they aren’t nasty at all.  It is the ultimate example of not judging a book by it’s cover. In our first year of dating, he had one at his mom’s house. I kept trying to get them to throw it in the bonfire and Andy looked at me like I had 12 heads. He immediately took it in his woodshop, cut it up, and planed one side so I could see the gorgeous figure and spalting that grows in burles.

We still have that slab of wood. I should have known then that I would be in for always being surprised with this guy.

If you have no idea what a burl is, this is a burl while still on a tree.

After, he used his 1980’s Husqvarna chainsaw—which he rebuilt—to buck it all up and cut the burl out. I only know this because he told me the story about the burl while I was outside playing with the dogs today and he walked out with this. At first he said he was going to turn it into a lamp.

Then, after a walk in the woods to go burl hunting, and attempting and failing to take one down with his hands…

…he informed me he thought that maybe he would make a vase instead of a lamp. Also, he was going to sell it on his Etsy page.

Andy does not have an Etsy page.

He does not plan on having an Etsy page either.

I was admittedly confused. How on earth could you make that into a vase?

I should know not to ask questions like that, because Andy will always find a way.

You see all of those little black lines? That called spalted wood. Also, the part that looks rotted or chewed up isn’t at all—it’s just how it all grows. You really can’t use water in this since water swells and cracks wood, but you can put cut flowers in it (or fill one of those plastic things that flowers come in and stick it on the bottom of the stem to keep it hydrated without putting water in the actual vase).

I really should start expecting Andy to confuse all of my synapses with the things he does and makes. He’s pretty modest. He knows he’s good and capable, he certainly isn’t self-deprecating like a lot of people with talent, which I love about him. That said, he never talks about it. He just sort of…does it.

I feel like a very lucky woman.

A very confused, but lucky, woman.

Now, if my husband actually opens an Etsy store I can guarantee I will truly have my mind blown. That is so not him. Then again, I never know.



P.S. My girls had a heck of a day today. It started with a hike, then we played ball, then we went on a super long walk. They are now snuggled down deep into a blanket and snoring and making adorable dog sleep noises – but earlier they were proving they have enough game to be WNBA players. Rosie’s got a crazy vertical, this wasn’t even close to her highest.

2 thoughts on “My Burl(y) Man

  1. Heather, I have to say that I am new to your blog and catching up… better late than never. I must say that your husband is super talented! What he’s done with this piece of wood has completely blown my mind!

    1. Welcome, Shellie! I agree with you about what my husband does. It literally confuses ever synapse in my brain every single time. Haha. Keeps things interesting!


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