My Days Are Numbered {Pillows}

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve. We had some icy weather up our way so Andy and I stayed in and just had a nice night. New Years day has been absolutely gorgeous though. It’s January 1st and it felt like April here. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ll take it! I hope by now any of you nursing a hangover are doing better, and those who aren’t I need to hear about what kind of night you had.

One of my resolutions is to get better at finishing things in a timely manner. This includes putting laundry away within 24 hours of it coming out of the dryer, trying to keep things picked up, and remembering to finish writing about projects that go on around here. I was going to write this post about how our orchard looks now.

Then I logged in and saw a draft blog post on a hand embroidered envelope pillow I  made…from June. Natural fabric pillows with graphic numbers stitched on them in yarn. Specifically, a 5 for our wedding month of May.

Then I remembered I never finished sewing it and it was still in my craft cabinet.

Uh. Oh.

So without wasting a second, I whipped out my sewing machine, messed up my freshly painted nails and finished sewing the pillow and darn it, I love it. Instead of explaining how to sew a pillow, I’m going to focus on the actual embroidery process. This really is applicable to anything from a pillow, to a duvet cover, to a jacket, or purse—there are plenty of different options.

I apologize ahead of time for this tutorial, it’s a little…uh…jumbled because of the delay.

The first step was choosing my fabric and yarn colors. To stay with the color scheme of our house I chose a natural cotton from Mardens for a couple bucks, and a skein of light gray yarn I had around the house.

For the design, you can either freehand it or do it digitally with a font on your computer. I tried both ways and I definitely prefer the preciseness of doing this digitally. However, this would work well for any kind of simple hand drawn design if your hand is far steadier than mine.

To do this digitally it’s pretty simple.

1.) Choose a font you like, make the number or letter as large as you want it to be in real life and print it out on cardstock.

2.) Next, cut around your print and trace it onto your fabric. You can also use carbon paper for this for an easier transfer.

3.) For my first pillow I did not have an embroidery hoop. Mr. A ended up letting me use some spring clamps to make a makeshift hoop with an empty frame.

It worked, but still drove me nuts so I stopped by Michaels  with  a 40% coupon in hand and picked up some hoops before I started anymore pillows. It was significantly easier to finish with a real hoop, and only cost about $1.00.

4.) Next up – sew! If you’re interested I decided to sew these as envelope pillows so I could easily slip a pillow in and out of it. They are incredibly easy to make so if you are a super beginner, you can do this. Check out this video here for a simple step by step, done by Crafty Gemini. I do mine slightly different but this is a great tutorial.

Envelope Pillow Cover YouTube Tutorial

5.) Stuff your pillow into the cover! Ta Da!  My pillow was slightly small for the cover, but I still like how it turned out.

I promise this is the only blog post I have in my queue as a draft, so no more crazy jumbled blog posts. In the next week or so I have an update for you on the orchard, some new product I’ll be putting on Green Barn Soaps, the beginning post of some furniture Andy is currently building, and Lord knows what else I’ll come up with.

Maybe I’ll do a post on getting organized.

Once I figure it out.

Much Love,


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