My New Favorite Way To Eat Burgers

I realized I haven’t posted a recipe on here in oh….a very long time. Let’s not even look back and see just how long it was. STOP IT. Stop going back to the archives and looking. Let’s just live in the present.

So here’s the thing, I have this favorite way of eating burgers/chicken/sandwiches made at home that I’m not sure I’ve ever disclosed. Here’s my secret:

I absolutely love burgers wrapped in lettuce. No bun, just lettuce. It gives it a really nice crunch and isn’t as filling. This is great for people avoiding extra carbs too. I for one am not avoiding carbs because I absolutely love carbs, but I don’t totally love a meal of super heavy foods all put together, plus the lettuce wraps are just tasty in their own right.

“Well, Heather, what kind of lettuce?”

I’m glad you asked! The answer is simply any kind of lettuce I have on hand that has leaves big enough. Iceberg? Sure. Romaine? Why not. This isn’t much of a recipe, but I thought I would show you two of my favorite ways to eat burgers “protein style”.

text2998-6First, I mix my ground beef  with whatever spice is of my fancy that night. Lately it’s the Greek mix from Penzey’s. It’s no secret I love Penzey’s spices. They don’t know I exist in the blogging world, so I’m not paid to say any of this. I just highly recommend them.

Second, I add whatever toppings my heart fancies but my two favorites as of lately are most definitely a salsa burger, and a spinach and basil burger.  These are both so simple it’s mind boggling.

Spinach Burger

  • Place basil on the bottom, then cheese if you’re using it – or nutritional yeast if you’re not. We limit our dairy quite a bit, but besides that I LOVE nutritional yeast so I prefer it.
  • Put your burger on
  • Put some tomatoes on top of that
  • Put a handful of spinach on that
  • Put whatever sauce on top you like

DSC_3878-01 DSC_3881-01Salsa Burger

  • Place salsa on the bottom
  • Add nutritional yeast or shredded taco cheese. 99% of the time I always opt for the nutritional yeast. Weird fact, I don’t even really like regular cheese on tacos. I was raised using nutritional yeast so it just seems normal to me.
  • Add tomatoes
  • Add sauteed onions
  • Add your burger

DSC_3884-01So that’s it. Go get yourself some beef, turkey burger, a chicken breast, smoked tofu, whatever suits your fancy and wrap that delicious nugget of delight up in some lettuce. Here’s a hint, you can also make pretty much any burrito this way too and it truly is, in the words of James Lipton a la Saturday Night Live, scrumptrulescent.




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