New Years and Resolutions

Let’s do this.

I would like to explain that I’m writing this post at 7:00 p.m. on New Years Eve. Andy and I spend our New Years here at the house together, and often go to bed before midnight because we are incredibly excited. Also, the thought of staying up super late to either a.) drink too much or b.) be around people who drink too much isn’t our fancy. Heck, staying up super late normally isn’t either. Though I also don’t really do New Years resolutions, I thought I would give you a couple. Sidenote: this couple turned into twelve. I guess I had more to say than I intended with this post.

  1. Commit to having faith in my own views, regardless of others views (while still respecting others views), and really listening to myself and what makes myself happy.
  2. Focusing on becoming a stronger, more confident woman that will be a great role model for my future children. I want to teach them that even if you’re prone to anxiety it by no means means it has to rule your life. This means essentially not getting rattled by external things I cannot control. The essence of the tree who stays upright while the wind is blowing around.
  3. Watering and nurturing the good seeds of emotion in my life and letting the others dry up. This doesn’t mean being happy all the time or never getting angry. It means accepting the emotions I feel are constructive and watering them to flourish, and accepting the ones I feel are not constructive, acknowledging them and then making a conscious decision to change my attitude.
  4. Stating every day what I’m thankful for.
  5. Trying to be more present.
  6. Buying less plastic bottles. We don’t buy a lot now, but definitely trying to buy less.
  7. Drinking more water. I rarely feel thirsty until I’m incredibly dehydrated, I need to work on sipping water all day regardless of thirst level.
  8. Being awesome. Let’s just consider this one done already.
  9. Writing on the blog more. Say what?! Yep. That’s a resolution. It doesn’t mean it will be a lot, especially because I’ve seriously refocused on really living in the moment with my family and friends (which means less photos) but hopefully there will be more than in the last few months.
  10. Disconnecting. This might seem in conflict with number nine, but it’s all about priorities. I’ve all but deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I realized I was spreading myself too thin. I’m on computers all day at work, dual monitors at that. By the time I get home at night the last thing I want to do is turn on my laptop, sit down, and write a blog post. Or write one when I could be snowmobiling with Andy. Or snuggling with the dogs. Or breathing deeply as the warm fire in the wood stove crackles and warms my skin. Or just taking a quiet moment to myself to rebalance. It means the less I do the other things online, the more likely I am to express myself here. Taking little snippets of life and putting them on Twitter and Instagram, for me at least, decreases my desire to write. You’re getting more tidbits, but less quality material. Less quantity, better quality. I’d like this to mean a better quality life. A better quality presence in the moment ahead of me and not always through my camera lens.  A better quality of material here on the blog. By disconnecting from the computer more, I will be connecting with myself, my family, my real life around me, and by default, my blog more.
  11. Learn how to turn a wooden spoon on the lathe.
  12. Finally – I want to eat more creme brulee this year. I’m not all insightful all the time. Sometimes I just want to laugh until I blow snot out my nose on accident and sometimes, I just want to eat creme brulee.

Well, this post was going to be a holiday wrap up of things we did over the last week or so but you know what – it turned into something else all together so I’m going to let it be just that.  On that note, a photo of Rosie doing one of her favorite, albeit rare, winter activities so you can laugh. (No worries, we go super slow and are incredibly careful with a hawk eye on Rosie when we have the snowmobile out).


Holiday wrap up to come!



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