No Technology Tuesdays

If you’ve noticed  I’m the opposite of most bloggers in that I blog more on weekends lately, you’re totally right and earn sleuth points. So let me give you a little rundown on the details of what’s going on.

For one, it’s winter so there aren’t a ton of projects right now. I really should get back into doing more cooking posts as I normally do in the winter.  I do have some home posts lined up for you guys, it’s just a matter of finishing and photographing.

Two—and here’s the kicker— we have a new rule in the house of no tv/computer from after work until 8:00pm. What WHHAAT?! Yep, it’s true.  We started it because a.) why not and b.) I was getting frustrated that I felt as if I was constantly saying, “my house is messy”, and I hated it. I will always have a penchant for wanting to spend hours editing photos, researching things, etc. and in turn I decided that I really needed to force myself one hour a night to just clean. It started as me joking we should have “No Technology Tuesdays”. About a minute later we just sort of decided randomly that screw it, we’ll do the whole week and make it no tv/computer until 8pm. We like to go for the gold.

In a nutshell, it’s been incredible. Essentially I just throw on NPR (Maine Public Broadcasting) radio and listen to some of the shows which I love, and then clean. When I finish something instead of hopping on the computer I take a look around and choose something else to clean or do. In one week:

  • My kitchen hasn’t been messy for more than 24 hours, and by messy I mean a few dishes. I just wash them by hand and be done with it.
  • I’ve cooked a lot more dinners.
  • The dogs have been played with more.
  • My bathroom has been wiped down.
  • More laundry has been done.
  • I feel less stressed out because things feel more in order and how they should be.
  • The crochet rug has been significantly improved upon after a couple hours in front of the woodstove crocheting.
  • More DIY projects are getting done.

There have been two nights so far we’ve nixed it. One night Andy got on at 7:30 so he could look something up. Last night I got on almost right after work so I could get our wedding album finished, and edit some photos from a project I have to show you guys (it’s being finished and isn’t worth doing in parts).

The downside is that I don’t blog as much as I want to because it’s sometimes really hard to edit photos and write a post in only two hours a night since I’m in bed by 10:00pm. The upside is everything I listed above. There are nights I haven’t even turned the TV on, or when Andy does I just go upstairs to bed to read. It’s been fantastic.

So if I seem like I’m ignoring you when you write a comment, I’m not! I love writing this blog and it’s super fantastic, just expect to hear a little less from me during the week and a little more on weekends. Hopefully as this goes on I’ll get a rhythm down so I can easily post fun stuff during the week and you won’t even notice.

In the meantime, Primrose wants to know if you’ve taken any initiatives lately to get more done around your house or to simply enjoy yourself? As for her, she’s waiting for the grass to be green again so she can do this. Oh who is she kidding, she does this in the snow.

Much Love,


Oh, and as an FYI: the walnut side tables are done, I’m just waiting to photograph them in daylight on Saturday!

2 thoughts on “No Technology Tuesdays

  1. No technology sounds great to me! The days the internet goes out around here, I find myself getting a lot done around the house and I’m more motivated to do other projects.

    Can’t wait to see your side tables! We built a new coffee table last weekend, it still needs to be sanded and stained. However, the rain/snow arrived this morning and is supposed to stay around until Saturday night. (No garage or awesome shop for us 🙁 )

    1. I’d love to see your coffee table when it’s done! One of the reasons Andy built our garage first when we moved in was because he refused to fix the cars in the snow anymore haha. I still have photos of him changing a starter out in his truck in a near blizzard the first winter after we moved in.

      I am with you on losing electricity/internet. The few times a year it happens for us I don’t mind it a bit normally! We have our lanterns to get around at night, a battery powered radio, a generator if needed (or for baking cake). Haha. Sometimes cake is an absolute vital necessity in the dark. Most of the time we just putter around the house, go for walks outside if we can, etc.

      Side tables should be coming soon. I need to style them. We have a hand-me-down couch and it looked bad before, but it looks even worst with two nice tables next to it! haha.


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