Oh, Hello Summer

There are many things I love about the summer. Popsicles for one. Long days outside. Warm weather early in the morning. Walking around barefoot. Wild strawberries. Oh, the wild strawberries. Dear God, thank you for wild strawberries.

Also, I love the morning. Have I ever mentioned I’m a much happier person when I get up early in the morning? That my body regularly wakes me up in the summer at 5am? Also, that I often ignore it, go back to sleep and wake up much more agitated than if I had just kicked up my heels at 5am?

For a week my body kept waking up earlier and earlier and my mind didn’t understand what my body was doing. Then it happened. Yesterday I woke up at 5am. Perky. Ready to get out of bed. Summer must be here.

So, I ran. Now, don’t go thinking I ran 12 miles at 5am. Me running 12 miles equals certain death. It was more like a huffing half mile with the dogs, then lots of playing outside. Then I looked up and realized I had never really seen our field at 5am. It made me smile with glee. There was absolutely nothing but the sun stretching a long morning yawn as it woke up, the birds starting their day nice and early and my dogs eating grass.

They were definitely cattle in a previous life.

Or goats.

I love our yard in the summer. Truly there are so many little details that just can’t be missed. Whether it’s little flowers, moss growing on the bark, or the ants going about their business. When all three are found together it’s like a little gem.

I might never ignore my body again when it wakes me up at 5am. Okay, after today. I definitely ignored it today. I realized I was sad to miss that hour where the world of people and technology isn’t quite awake yet, at least not out where I live. Tomorrow I will definitely be up at 5am. Unless it’s raining. Then I might sleep.

So incase it rains, here is a few more lovely photos of the summer. Oh summer, thank you for warming my bones – and for reminding me how wonderful 5am is.

Much Love and Many Happy Summer Mornings,


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