Omnivorous Rex

Andy and I were in the garden tonight and found out we have tyrannosaurus size squash. We missed a few and they got out of hand. Completely out of control. Unruly. Nothing but good compost at this post.

Or so I thought.

Our dogs are omnivores. Yes, all dogs are, but ours make other dogs go, “What are you eating?”

I’m almost positive they would choose to dig up frozen brussel sprouts out from under the first snow, than eat a piece of steak. They gorge themselves on fallen apples. I take that back – Winnie will jump up into the tree to grab the ones right off the branch of she can. They nibble raspberries and blueberries right from the bush. Mr. A and I have to be sneaky to pick blackberries if they are around of they will ambush our bounty.

I did not expect however that our younger little trouble maker, who we adore with every bone in our body, would become enamored with a massive summer squash. We tossed the prehistoric squash on the lawn to place in the compost, and we turned around to find Rosie nibbling it. Then she started carrying it around. Despite how it looks, this is not photoshopped, and that’s not a look of pain. She was in pure bliss.

Even if Mr. A ran and tried to get her to follow, she would not drop the squash.

Then she finally plunked down and refused to look at me with her “what is that giant eye?” look she normally gives me when I shove the camera in her face. Daily. I’m that person. I own it.

Not only is a summer squash good to eat. They are good to attack, like a dinosaur. Well, that’s how I pretend some dinosaur went after their pray. No one told Rosie you don’t need to sneak up on summer squash. It’s too cute for me to inform her otherwise.

Eventually we had to take it away from her. A massive summer squash isn’t good for a puppies belly ( I will refer to her as a puppy for as long as she lives).

Needless to say, she wasn’t happy we took it from her. I tried to get a photo of her clear annoyance at the situation but she refused to face the camera. She literally turned her back or moved whenever I tried. So, I took a picture of the squash.

Rosie – 1.

Squash – 0

Excuse me while I go discuss vegetable stalking techniques with my omnivorous rex.




2 thoughts on “Omnivorous Rex

  1. Hi Heather, just found your blog through a comment on YHL. You have a great writing style and beautiful photos! Being a dog-lover myself (and someone who will also call mine a “puppy” no matter how old he gets!), I loved this post…especially seeing Rosie mid-pounce on her squash. Love it. :o)

    1. Aww thank you! I appreciate that a lot. I hope you continue to follow 🙂 I don’t always post everyday but I try to at least twice a week!


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