Ooky Wall Art

A few months ago when I redid our guest room into my office, I knew I wanted some art on the walls. I just had no idea:

1.) What I wanted

b.) How to hang the art, since a lot of the space to do so is not on studs.

I knew hollow wall screws would be overkill for frames that were so light, and that regular nails would simply be ridiculous. So after YouTubing a little (you see how I just verbified that?) I found out about these little gems that art galleries use a lot in non-stud walls.

We went to Home Depot an hour or two later for some other items, so I snagged the 10 pound picture frame hooks while I was there. They have ones that fit tons of different weight frames, and kits to put hangers onto the back of your picture frame. I picked up a few boxes of different items to try—just in case down the line we needed something different or had an unconventional piece to hang. Make sure you choose the type of hanger for your art, no one wants a broken frame because a 20 lb piece was hung with a 10lb hook. Womp womp.

During the process of our office renovation:

It was extremely bare and so so white. So about a month ago I put this old vintage cheese box up next to the light switch to serve as my “incoming mail” box. I didn’t blog about it because I was so flustered doing it by myself that I didn’t take photos. Let’s just say I took it upon myself to put it up and it started with a hollow wall screw, which then somehow (we still don’t know how) broke while fully extended behind the wall.

Long story short, it looks fine now, but what you don’t see is a hole in the wall about the size of a hammer head behind the box, Andy laughed at me and then got the box secured on using a drywall screw (one hollow wall screw on the right, and the drywall screw on the left). Thankfully we’re ripping all the sheetrock down in the entire house eventually so a hole for a year, that we can’t see, isn’t hurting us.

When I walked into the room I loved having the “mailbox” right there, but above it was still really white and it needed something more. Then I looked over while packaging some soap and saw these two framed photos I took sitting against the wall looking for a home.

I quickly held them up on the wall for reference and nailed the Ook hook into the wall. It took roughly 10 seconds. Literally. See? Super easy.

I could have measured it out and done all sorts of templating and leveling but I honestly wanted a non-symmetrical look so it wasn’t a huge deal. All in all, I love how this came out. I like that I can easily change the art without another drywall debacle. I like that I can change the orientation of the photo easily if I decide I want a more symmetrical look, and I like that if I want to remove the hooks they only leave a tiny tiny hole in the wall which can easily be filled with white caulking to no ones knowledge.

In all both frames and these hooks cost me under $15.00. The hooks were only a few bucks, and the frames were $5.00 each at the Christmas Tree Shop. The art was free since it’s a photo I took from my wonderful Aunt’s gardens this year while Andy and I were visiting. So it actually cost me less than $10.00, when you consider there were quite a few hooks in the Ook package, and I only used two.

It’s amazing how a little art work gives a room a little bit more of a homely homey feel.

Happy Ooking,


As a reminder, Ook did not sponsor this post, give me free product or any other jazz. I just really like the product and wanted to pass it on to you. You can see more about my “no thanks” policy here.




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