Paint Bucket Flower Pot

I needed a vase for some flowers upstairs, but didn’t want a traditional one.  I walked past this on the table and thought it would work perfectly. So, this one is pretty simple to overstate it.

Step 1. Get an old paint bucket.

Step 2. Get some flowers.

Step 3. Fill bucket with water and flowers.

Step 4. Strategically Place.

Super easy, gives character and looks nice. If you only have 2 minutes to your day to do something, this gives a great pop to an area. It would be beautiful  jazzed up with a vintage treatment or decor, but I liked mine just as it was!

One thought on “Paint Bucket Flower Pot

  1. I like that idea of the paint bucket… I think I will paint one with flowers all around it or some other colorful design and see how it comes out. I like your dark one though too. great idea!

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