Pinterest Challenge – Best Of Summer 2012

While I didn’t participate in this seasons Pinterest Challenge, it was fun visiting each hosting blogger last Tuesday (Young House Love, Bower Power, Ten June and Centsational Girl) to see what projects people linked up. With me being fairly new on twitter (lkacupoftea), one of my favorite ways to see projects was going through and searching the hashtag #pinterestchallenge. While I liked a ton of them, here are my top 10 “best of” projects, in no particular order, compliments of the crazy ridiculous talented and fun people in the world.

All photo credits belong to the blogger to which they are listed under, and should be attributed to such if you Pin them, etc. This can be best achieved by pinning directly from the bloggers website, linked in the title. Please do not credit Like A Cup of Tea and to give credit where credit is due.

10. First Home Dreams: Bathroom Storage

Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to figure out the design/layout of our master bathroom lately, but these cute and super simple bathroom shelves caught my eye right off the bat. The brackets are awesome, and let’s just admit it – it’s a well styled photo.

9. A Little Something In The Meantime – Tea Tin Planters

I swear if you walk into my house it’s not covered in tea related items, despite what you might guess. That said, I would definitely put these cute tea planters in my house. I often see these out and about at flea markets but I don’t ever buy them. That might now change.

8. So The Cook Said – Crochet Rug

At least someone around here can finish a crocheted rug, and it’s wicked cute too. I happen to know someone else who may likely never finish their crocheted rug from the first Pinterest challenge ever. Talk about biting off more than you can chew. Let’s all give a huge high-five over to So The Cook Said.

7. From Gardners Two Bergers – Homemade Vanilla Extract and Labels

Besides the story of her husband being utterly dorky and cute at the same time in the most wonderful way ever, she shows just how easy it is to go homemade sometimes, and gives you cute labels to boot. Just try not to get too drunk while you make it.

6. Family Love Home – Coffee Crumb Cake

It’s not that I haven’t made this before, it’s that it’s way too hot to bake right now; also, I forgot how much I love coffee crumb cake until I saw this picture. Someone get this to my house, stat. If you think I’m kidding, I assure you I am not. Okay, I might be a little kidding about needing it now because that’s irrational. I know you need time to bake it first.

5. One House One Couple – Refinished Stairs

“Oh, Pinterest Challenge you say? No problem, I’ll just redo our entire staircase”. What the eff?! I had to put them on here for two reasons. One, it looks good and I like the pattern in the landing they did. Two, they refinished a freaking staircase for a Pinterest Challenge. Props. Head on over to their blog to see more photos of the landing itself and the process. It looks 100 times better.

4. Angie’s Roost – You’re My Lobster

Like I’m not going to put lobster art up in my best of. Of course I am. I’m from New England. Consider me strengthening the Maine stereotype. I would even recreate something like this for our house, even though we are nowhere near a waterfront property, unless you consider that wet area behind our barn waterfront.

3. I Like What I’m Herring – Silhouettes on Wood

Besides being one of the best blog names I’ve ever come across (it admittedly made me grin and laugh out loud) I really love this project. It mixed bold with rustic, a look I very much enjoy. I hope someday my not-yet-conceived-children roll their eyes at me and sigh when I’m all “hey stand there for a minute, I need to paint your silhouette” (and then they’ll transport out of the room. I am so grounding them and taking their teleportation devices).

2. Love Pomegranate House: DIY Tufted Ottoman

It’s tufted. It’s teal. It’s an ottoman. I’m sold. She did such a great job turning a mundane table into something absolutely beautiful. I love that she took this on as a Pinterest Challenge to boot. I’m guessing she is the definition of a lady who lives by the phrase, “go big or go home.” So, I would like to go home. To your house, and see this in person. Plus, there’s a lot of dust around my house these days. Finished houses and pieces like this help me see the end results. We won’t likely have a tufted ottoman because the dogs would make it their bed while we’re at work, but you never know.

1. The Ugly Duckling House – Gilded Map Art

I’m really honestly not sure what I can say about this piece of art except wow. I am not a map person, and I generally find it hard to pull off map art. Sarah, however, nailed it. Not only does she have a cute blog, the girl can rock a gold map. I am seriously impressed.

There you have it! My top 10 favorite projects from the Summer 2012 Pinterest Challenge. There were plenty of great ones so high-fives all around to everyone who participated.



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  1. Thanks for considering my bathroom shelves a “best of”!

    And thanks to Lisha from One House One Couple for pointing me this way, I love finding another blog!

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