Pinterest Challenge – Crochet Rug Update

Normally at 2am I am asleep dreaming of puppy dogs in jousting gear riding dinosaurs with lasers attached to their heads—or something equally as nonsense and weird. I’ve never actually dreamed of that, but I regularly dream of pretty weird stuff. Today though, today is a very special kind of day. It’s the kind of day my body decides to wake me up at 2am, wide awake, with my head racing with things that need to be done. Now, I have to admit this is the very first time this has happened since I was a tax accountant. Thankfully most of what needs to be done at work/home will happen in the next few days and I can dump this stress in the trash. I’m telling you this not to complain but so you can understand why this post might seem entirely discombobulated—because I’m writing this at 2am after just being jolted out of my sleep.

That said,w riting my blog is extremely therapeutic to me. I couldn’t think of anything else I could do at 2am that might lull me back to sleep for a few hours, and leave me able to get up to take on said work at 8am.

Wait, that’s a lie. I still do have all of my old tax regulations. I bet I could pass out in 30 seconds if I picked one of those up and started reading.

This is way more fun though, and necessary. I seriously owe you guys a video update on this pinterest challenge rug. I owed you an update about 4 months ago. So without further ado, here it is. Video Spoiler: I say I have no idea what color yarns I’m using  or a pattern. On Tuesday I picked up the colors and settled on three different pattern styles I really liked and thought would work well together. More about this after the video.

This is a super long video – upwards of 15 minutes, and it’s really dark. And in talking about a puff stitch I say “a couple double crochets”. That’s totally inaccurate – puff and double crochet are entirely different so if you’re confused, don’t be – I have no idea why I said that. You’ve been forewarned.

For those of you who can’t see the video or prefer not to spend 15 minutes watching, let me sum it up for you pretty quickly:

  • I haven’t been working on the project very much because of other things. That, and I just haven’t been.
  • I wasn’t sure what colors I would be using.
  • I interject once in a while the fact it’s snowy out and is likely blowing out the entire video.
  • I have no pattern I’m using and I’m just winging it.
  • To check out Art of Crochet by Teresa on YouTube if you need ideas, or need beginner videos on how to crochet.
  • I’m not using a hard backing when I finally turn this into a rug. I’m leaving ties on each piece that are long enough to tie everything together so I can have a soft rug I can wash. I’ll be using a piece of padding and non-slip underneath, both of which I believe you can have cut to size (more or less) at Home Depot or Lowes.

Since the making of the video a couple things have changed. On Tuesday, when I went to AC Moore for photo boxes for this quick organization project, I went to grab a bulk of white yarn for the rug and found these two other colors nearby. I’m a sucker for any form of seafoam green. I am not a sucker for seafoam salad which is a family staple on my mom’s side of the family. It’s pretty much a retro jello mold thing. If it’s your thing, check out the recipe here. Minus the on a bed of lettuce part, this is the closest recipe to my Gram’s I can come up with (as I remember it). I can assure you that since my Gram reads all of these posts she will email me with the correct information and tease me about how I don’t like seafoam salad.

Way off topic. Back to the yarn. I ended up picking up these three bulk colors, and another skein of the dark teal. The bigger skeins are the basic one pound bulk yarn that you can find at AC Moore for about $8.00. There are often coupons so you can score one for about $4.00. The colors I chose are white, soft sage, pale green and the real teal is another pretty affordable brand – maybe red heart? I have no idea anymore. It’s almost 3am.

For the styles I’m going to use for the rug I decided on three basic patterns. I say patterns because it’s three styles I liked most that I can make bigger or smaller depending on my mood. I’m going to talk about my patterns below assuming you know how to crochet and understand a basic pattern.

  • Puff Stitch Flower – Described below in photos, but very similarly done as the Petal Flower. Remember that just like anything, this can be edited for how you see best. My way is definitely not the only way. This will be the main flower that I use throughout my rug. It’s has a nice soft under your feet cushiness to it.
  • Petal Flower – Teresa has a really good video here showing an awesome easy crochet flower, very similar to what I call the “Petal Flower”. I start mine with a foundation chain because I like how it looks better, but it’s not neccessary. In order to sew the flower together, start at step 5 below.
  • Basic Round – These can be done a variety of ways, using tons of different stitches. The easiest would be to chain 5, slip stitch back into your first chain and then single crochet around, remembering to add stitches as you go to expand the round by simply single crocheting twice in the same loop.

Puff Stitch Flower

1. Get your foundation chains in order. I normally do between 50-100 depending on how large I want my flower to be. 50 gives me a nice medium sized flower. I have no idea how many I have on the photo below. I was eyeballing it.

2. Skip the first chain and in the second chain from the hook make a puff stitch (here’s a good puff stitch tutorial. I just add one more chain after it’s secured.)
3. Slip stitch in the next chain, and chain one.
4. Skip one chain and then repeat steps 2 & 3 down the entire foundation chain. Secure when done and cut yarn, leaving a 4″ tail or so. The tail will help you tie the rug together down the line (this will be a separate post as I’m not at that step myself yet).

5. Take a needle with a large eye on it, or preferably a yarn needle, and a long length of yarn so you can sew this together. A little over a foot of yarn normally does the trick for me. Make a knot on one end of the yarn like you would with thread.

6. Roll your flower up until you get it looking like you want and then flip over.

7. I always like to start sewing it together by doing  a few long stitches across the entire flower first – starting with sewing the end down. Even though my flower looks smushed now, that’s just to show you how I go through all of the layers, when you pull it through you want to try and maintain the round shape as much as possible so don’t pull too tight. I try and avoid going through my puffs/petals of the flower and stick to the foundation chain.

8. You can see below that once I pull through my flower is still round. I then move over about an inch and do the same thing again. I’ll do this about 4 times.

9. Once I’ve done a basic tacking down of the entire flower, I  quickly go around the “half” perimeter of the flower.

10. After that I simply poke and prod it to see where it might need some more security. By this point it’s pretty well held but you may need more or less depending on the size of your flower. Once you’ve got it all set tie it off like you would any other handsewn item. Again, I like to leave a tail for use in attaching these all together. With all of the tails tucked underneath this is what the final puff stitch flower looks like.

Here’s a quick visual of what the layout of the rug could look like. I guarantee it will look different than this since I have more colors to use in it, but you get the idea. If you’re wondering why I’m using rounds, it’s because they make good anchoring pieces for the flowers, and they will fill in any little gaps that might happen between the flowers, as well as adding a little strength and durability to the piece (for as strong as a crocheted rug can be haha, it’s all relative).

I clearly have a long way to go.

One last thing. For those of you who enjoy photos of the girls, here they are after giving up on me since I was taking too long to throw the “peppermint” for fetching. I obviously had to take a photo of it. Don’t worry, we played again after all of this. (Rosie’s in the kennel in the background if you’re looking for her). Oh to be a dog who can fall asleep anywhere at anytime.




P.S. If you’ve never seen it, there’s a great facebook page out there called “Good Things Happen“. They post only good news stories they find, and encourage other people to post stories they find and/or just write on the wall good things that have happened to them. It’s a nice to have positivity show up on your news feed like this. I know the girl who runs it, but she didn’t ask or give me anything to mention it. I just really genuinely enjoy it.