Poplar + Cherry Bookshelf With A Side of Martini

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With the acquisition of the new bandsaw and jointer, the very talented Mr. A has set out to make us a nice curly poplar (aspen) and cherry bookshelf. I am very excited about this as it is a win-win situation. I love when he makes furniture and we will be able to toss two other shoddy bookshelves. I also love cherry wood, it’s absolutely beautiful. My relationship with poplar is slightly different though. It’s not poplars fault, really.

Get in your Delorean, we’re going back in time.

Mr. A and I were living together in a rented house and decided to have dinner with our friends. Long story short, I made the mistake of trying a dirty martini. What possessed me to drink vodka tainted with olive juice I will never know remember.  It was a rough night.  I learned from my mistake and have not touched a martini since (and it took a good year before I could eat another olive).

A few months later we bought our house and realized we had a lot of poplar trees around us, thus constituting some of our firewood that first winter. We (Mr. A) chopped down and stacked the green (i.e. moist) wood on our deck to dry, poplar included. Did you know moist poplar smells like a roughed up dirty martini? I didn’t.  I clearly remember an Elaine – Seinfeld-esque dance and gagging when I first placed foot on that deck after the stacking had finished. Just. Too. Soon.

Delorean back to 2011.

Thus I forever associate the smell of wet poplar with a very long not so awesome night. Thankfully poplar has no smell when dried leading me to be very thankful the bookshelf poplar is bone dry. It is also absolutely gorgeous.

He took the wood from looking like the board on the left, to the board on the right.

Here’s a better photo of the “curly” grain.

In a rare, sasquatch like sighting, here is a photo of Mr. A himself putting the frame together.

I can’t wait to see what this looks like when finished. He gave me a sneak peak of the cherry moulding and I have to admit this thing is going to be incredible. Yes, bookshelves can be incredible (nerd shout out).  Since I do this blog in real time, I’ll post more on this later!

Happy Building,


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