Rainbow Chasing Ahoy!

We’re back from vacation! About 700 miles driven around the western part of Maine in one week, and then Fourth of July weekend means I’m happily ready to stay home for a bit. I’ve been giving you guys sneak peeks on Instagram throughout vacation, but right now I’m working on editing photos from the rest of the trip, and there were many photos!

In the mean time, while I work on those, I thought I’d share with you another kind of trip Andy and I took with my brother in law and my father early in June. I was convinced I had already posted this until I saw the photos on my laptop desktop, where I leave photos to write blog posts on. I’m clearly on top of things.

Since I want to let the photos talk, the long and short of it is that my Dad stayed with us while he went to a woodworking workshop up here in Maine. One of the evenings we went to dinner and while headed out for custard it started down pouring on the drive over. It didn’t stop us for one thing, for second it caused a hugely beautiful rainbow.

DSC_4857-01The spectacular rainbow promptly lead to a “rainbow chase” after we finished the custard. The chase was really our regular ride home, but Andy made sure to stop along the way to let me get out and take photos and everyone looking out windows saying “ohh it’s over there! No, there!” and me yelling “stop! stop! here! no up a little!”

We even got chased by some geese, but the geese were behind a fence. I guess that means they were just chattering at us more than they were chasing us, but it was still pretty cute.

DSC_4863-01I have this thing with rainbows. Not like Mariah Carey… or is her thing butterflies? I never remember. I think it’s butterflies. Or unicorns. Do your thing lady, whatever makes her happy. The point is that I have a thing with rainbows but in a sentimental way only. If someone got me rainbow decor I would say thank you and then wonder why on earth they thought of me. My thing with rainbows is that they remind me of my family who has passed. When I was 9 I lost my grandfather on my mom’s side. After his funeral there was a MASSIVE rainbow over his house in bright bright colors. I can never remember if it was him, or my great grandfather (I’d have to ask my mom), but I remember hearing a story that one of them used to say a rainbow meant everything would be okay. Since then, I have seen a rainbow within 48 hours of every grandparent passing in my life. I have one left, my grandmother, who often reads this blog. She’s awesome and will live forever as far as I’m concerned, but let’s just say in many many many years from now when the good Lord comes calling I expect she’ll put up a spectacular triple rainbow with glitter flying out of it somehow. Don’t ask questions, just expect it will happen. If someday you ever see a rainbow spewing glitter you now exactly who it is.

So the point is, rainbows to me are calming because they make me feel like someone is telling me that everything will be okay and to not worry. It gives me a warm soothing feeling inside. Like I said, I don’t want a rainbow print on my wall or on a mug, but one outside always feels like a little nudge of love from above.

DSC_4888-02I didn’t quite have the right lens on me, so it was hard to get a wide angle shot, but it didn’t stop me from trying.

DSC_4881-01Andy felt like the next shot was the most important one to get, and it had nothing to do with the rainbow. Look at that brand new fire wood processor!

DSC_4870-01 DSC_4883-01Then of course, there’s Andy who was goofing about me taking a photos by showing off of his manly suburban and his muscles.

DSC_4872-01While the firewood processor is cool, and my husband is even cooler, I think I’ll stick with the rainbows and the simple smile they give me when I have my camera out. Though I have to say, my husband might be the coolest. The man takes me rainbow chasing.



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