Reclaimed Shoe Rack

Once in a while when Andy brings a salvaged piece home, I can tell he’s extra excited about it. A few months back he seemed particularly excited as he brought me out and hit the garage door button. As the door opened I could tell why. This beautiful what-the-heck-was-it shelf was sitting in front of me.

woodshelfA super unique aspect of the piece were the wheels. I can’t get over how much I love the castors and how smooth they are despite the wear of the piece.

DSC_7675-01Guesses from family and friends ranged from a mini candle drying rack, to a bread rack, to a shoe rack, to a soap drying rack, to a wine rack. As a couple weeks went by we settled on likely a wine rack or a shoe rack. A few days after I saw my good friend Abigail (from Adventures with Abigail) she happened to be in Standard Baking Company in Portland and saw the exact same rack. She asked and they told her it had originally been for shoes, but they used it for bread. (Now I’m doubting my memory, but I’m 90% sure that’s what she said it was).

Regardless of what it really had been, it is definitely one of the coolest pieces Andy has found and I had to keep it. There was no way it was getting put on Craigslist or given to someone else. After thinking about what I wanted it for, I decided to also use it for shoes (assuming it’s original use was for shoes too).

DSC_7662-01DSC_7677-01I’m not sure where we will put this when we renovate and come up with a mud-room, but for now the beauty is staying in the original house right where I can see her every day. It’s actually right next to the step down in the living room, which makes for a great sitting point to put shoes on. I love when things work out like that unintentionally.

DSC_7665-01I’m glad Andy proclaimed it was “too cool not to have” when he spotted it, because I couldn’t agree more. Are there any cool items in your house you’ve re-purposed – or re-purposed for their original purpose unintentionally?



4 thoughts on “Reclaimed Shoe Rack

  1. I loooove that rack. So cool! I’m not sure that I have anything (yet) that fits the repurposing label. I guess the closest would be a big wooden cylinder box that we use as a side table in the family room. I’m not sure what it was originally used for, but for some reason I’m thinking cheese… a whole lot of cheese.

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