Red, White and Hammers

Independence day is a big deal around here, and it has nothing to do with fireworks. Growing up it meant my Memere’s birthday, lobsters and a big old back yard party. In 2006, after Memere passed away, it was a little too hard for everyone to get back together for the weekend. Out of this came a brand new tradition to my little family here in this household – going to camp for the long weekend with Mr. A’s family. It’s been a long tradition we love and adore.

With family and friends alike we all take the long trek in. Requirements are a four wheel drive truck, a penchant for 15 miles of old logging roads, and the incredible skill to drive down our “driveway”. It’s less of a driveway and more of an off-road adventure. It takes skill, gall and 4-Low.

Camp typically means two things, fishing, and projects. This year fishing was mediocre at best but projects were being slayed. While Mr. A and family replaced the small roof….

… my sister-in-law, her husband, our friend and I put up a screen porch in the spirit of Red Green. Not sure who Red Green is? He’s hilarious, and a genius. I highly suggest spending an hour watching YouTube videos. For now, here’s a snippet.

The porch screen only fit side to side. This meant the zippers were not accessible. Nothing a little ductape, scissors and rope can’t fix.

Wait, where are we all going to sit and eat dinner? Who needs a fancy table when you have plywood, 5 logs the same size and screws.

Right around the corner from the Red Green Screen Lodge commenced the shed demolition. The previous owners constructed a building to store the generator and lumber. It was decided the building needed to be removed and replaced by something smaller and more suited to our uses. In no time this had happened.

Of course while we were doing all of these things, the dogs were primarily enjoying themselves by the water.

Later in the weekend my sister-in-law, her husband, Mr. A and I went for a hike up White Cap Mountain. I’m proud to say I summited my first mountain ever doing 3600 feet in two miles. Yes, I am still sore. It may have been rainy and cloudy without much of a view but it was worth every single step.

That was my Fourth of July weekend. Did you guys do anything fun? Did you go see some spectacular fireworks? Are your weekends at camp filled with as much work or more than at home?

Happy Camping, Hiking and Hammering,


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