Renovation Update: Flooring & The Quietest Stairs


DSC_5205-01It’s been a while since I’ve done a renovation update so let’s discuss what’s been happening. First up, the stairs (minus balusters, hand rails and newel posts) are installed! Second, we’ve started laying flooring!

DSC_5203-01These are the quietest stairs I have ever walked up in my entire life. For real people. I can jog up them and it’s like I’m tiptoeing. I have no idea how Andy did it, but I’m thoroughly impressed! I might not be impressed when our not even conceived yet baby grows into a teenager and is able to sneak out or in without me hearing them, but by then I think I’ll have developed sonic mom hearing. That’s a thing, right? Even then though I’ll still have to be impressed, because the stairs will be quiet so many years later. I actually have no doubt about that fact. Tangent aside, here are a few shots of the building & installation process.

DSC_4692-01 DSC_4710-01 DSC_4794-01 DSC_4796-01 DSC_4835-01I’m still not quite sure how he installed the stair treads so there are no nails or fasteners showing anywhere. The man is pure magic. If I ask, he just smiles and says he can’t give away all his secrets. I shall remain amazed. We still need to install the other parts of the stairs, but first we had to lay the flooring.

We decided to use beech upstairs because we had it. This is our decision making process: if you have it, you use it. We had enough beech to go through most of the upstairs and had to buy some to finish it. All in all we’ll be about $1,000 in for all of the flooring in the addition when we’re done, and it was to complete the upstairs. In the “using what you have” mentality, we used all of what we had including the fact we had some wide pieces and some narrow pieces. You can see in the staircase photo, below again so you don’t have to scroll, that we used wide beech on the staircase landing. Not pictured below we also used the wide pieces, and the junkier pieces in the closets. Let’s face it, who’s really going to see them anyway, and if they do and they say something, I think the bigger question would be why they snooping in our closet.

DSC_5203-01For the upstairs we ran the nice narrow flooring throughout.

DSC_5221-01DSC_5218-01I’m saving the reveals of the completed flooring because I really want to get a picture of it cleaned up. You all know I’m not averse to showing photos of total disaster zones, but this is one reveal I want to show all cleaned up. You can get a sneak peek however if you hop on over on Instagram.

All in all, we’re super happy with how everything is turning out and it’s honestly beautiful in person. Looking forward to showing the final reveal of the flooring being laid, once we get it all cleaned and time to take some photos.



4 thoughts on “Renovation Update: Flooring & The Quietest Stairs

  1. Hooray for quiet stairs! The stairs in our new house are NOT quiet, and they are even currently covered with carpet.

    The beech all looks amazing. And good on you guys for using EVERYTHING.

    1. I didn’t ever know stairs could be quiet! Haha. There’s something to old creeky farmhouse stairs that I still love though.


    1. Apparently my phone didn’t approve these like it said! Oops.

      We finished the stair parts and the flooring in the new living room, but the upstairs flooring isn’t finished yet. We aren’t sure the route we’re going to go upstairs, but I’ll be sure to write about whether we do it ourselves or whether we use professional finisher. For us it doesn’t come down to capability, but time intensiveness.


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