Rolling In The Deep

Ok, so maybe I am listening to Adele, but it also works pretty well as a post title here. So here’s the thing. I’ve mentioned before that I run a handmade soap company called Green Barn Soaps. The Barn has been around for a little over two years now and was totally just a fun thing on the side. One of those “if I could do this for real I would” things, but nothing I would ever expect to actually happen. I don’t sell a lot during most of the year, but then at the end of the year I come close to selling out right before Christmas. That said I only keep about 60 bars on hand at any time, if that.

I’ve never actually completely sold out though, totally fine with me.

Then I got the bright idea back in September to ask one of my favorite blog ladies, Katie Bower, if she’d be interesting in partnering for a give-away. She was excited so off I sent the soaps for her to review and post a give-away on. I figured maybe 50-100 or so people would enter the giveaway, and I might sell 15 or so bars from it.

So when I realized Wednesday afternoon I had about 10 orders, all from people I don’t know (which is rare) I knew something was up. I headed over to Bower Power and realized Katie had posted this blog post containing the give away.

Enter _________ (<—- here ) where I learn my lesson in underestimating myself, my capabilities, the quality of my product, and my inventory.

As of today there are over 500 people entered to win three of my soaps. Particularly, these three.

Oh, and her rave review (which made me blush and feel so humbled) drove hords of people to my site.

I sold out.

For the first time ever.

I sold out.

I had to put this message the top of my website so people would know I was sold out. I never in a million years thought people would sell me out. Ever. I mean, I know Katie Bower has a sizeable following in the blog world (though she would never admit it, part of the reason I like her blog) but for some reason, I just never thought people would buy me out. Me.

That said, I’m working hard this December to get a few more soaps made up that I will be rolling out throughout January. In 2012 I’m going to be making more natural soaps with a few new twists, like french clay and rose hip powder. So if you don’t already, follow The Barn on Facebook, and I’ll let you all know when we’re back up and running.

To everyone who bought soap from me this last week. This last month. This last year. These last two years…

Thank you.

Honestly. Thank you so much. It means everything to me and humbles me that people are willing to spend their hard earned money on my soaps I work so hard to make really high quality. You all make me smile from my toes to my nose. I wish I could give every single one of you a big bear hug. I hope you’ll stick around and welcome me and my soaps back in January.

You are all my cup of tea.

I love you guys.

Many Kisses and Bubbly Scrubs,


2 thoughts on “Rolling In The Deep

  1. Hi Heather!

    I actually found your blog through Katie Bower’s post about your soaps. But I was really excited when I realized that you were a fellow Mainer!

    I really hope this comes off in the least creepy way possible but I live in Brunswick and I’m currently not working, so if you needed extra help, I could assist in your time of crazyness (although to be honest I know nothing about making soap.)

    1. Hi Monique! Haha not creepy at all, no worries. I love that you’re another Mainer. Downtown Brunswick is one of my favorite areas in Maine (I sort of just love Brunswick). Plus, the flea market? I mean – come onnnn it’s one of the best I’ve ever been to. You might just see me around in Cooks Corner or around the flea market on any given weekend. If you do – say hi! You’re so sweet for offering to help! It’s nice to know it’s there if I ever need it!


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