Shak{ering} It Up {Part Two}

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been keeping hush hush on a shaker walnut side table update, it’s because Mr. A said, “they’re almost done, can you please post about something else?”. He wanted me to wait until they were complete. In fact, when I told him I couldn’t wait any longer he said, “they’ll be done this weekend.”

But I’m impatient.

And I really like showing you guys stuff in real time.

And I’m impatient.

Before the final reveal next week I had to show you guys a sneak a peak of some of the details so far.

Without further ado – progress:

Are you just excited as I am to see them complete? You are? Awesome. I thought so.

In case you were wondering -> Handy Husband = Happy Wife.

Much Love,



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