Shak{ering} It Up – Walnut Sidetables Revealed

Hey, do you remember that one time Andy was building us two shaker walnut side tables, which I discussed here and here, and then I said I would update you when he was done, and then I didn’t?

Yeah, me neither.

So with that said, I’m totally on time with this reveal. Completely.

These tables made me realize why people use coasters. I still have yet to put any glass of any kind on them yet, and have dusted them more often than I’ve probably dusted in my entire house. It turns out when you have really nice furniture you like it to continue to look really nice.

I love the unique grain that each table has, despite looking similar in style. It’s hard for me to comprehend how on earth my husband built every single piece of these tables by hand—right down to the knobs on the drawers, which he turned on the lathe.

Here are a few more detail shots of the pieces, including the beautiful dovetails on the drawers. Mr.A says they aren’t perfect, but they look perfect to me.

Once we had these in place Andy told me the story of where this walnut came from. Almost 50 years ago, when my father-in-law was a boy in Ohio, he planted a walnut tree in his front yard. Years later when his father moved, my father-in-law chopped down the walnut tree and brought it back to Maine (yep, the entire log) and had it sawed here. He had it drying in his garage and when he gave it to Andy, he used it for these tables.

I love pieces that have a sentimental value to them, and I love the idea of passing these pieces with their stories down the line someday.

Now all we need is a new couch, because these babies need something just as beautiful to flank.

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6 thoughts on “Shak{ering} It Up – Walnut Sidetables Revealed

  1. Beautiful! I can totally relate with the coasters comment. I finally got around to staining our new coffee table the last few days. I’m debating the need for coasters.
    But I love the story of the wood and how its special for you, your tables have meaning to it!

    1. Yay for progress! I highly recommend coasters. I made my own with a few tiles from home depot, some mod podge, some scrapbook paper and felt feet. You can check out the post on them here. Super cheap and super easy!


  2. So..I just found your blog this morning..and I LOVE it! Oh, and I know it may be weird to be commenting on a post a year old buuuut.. “Mr. A” is crazy talented. These tables look awesome! I wish I had mad skills like this so that I could make my own!

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