Sheathing, Light Shows and A First Floor Bedroom

YOU GUYS. I was sitting here thinking, “it feels like a while since I’ve posted on the house”. As in not on twitter or instagram but right here on the blog. Then I looked back because it had been that long and I realized the last post I put up was about the collar ties.

What I’m trying to say is that we’re way past collar ties (this is what happens when all those things in life like harvesting the garden, playing with the dogs, making sure our dishes and laundry are done, spending time with my husband and those real life important things are taken care of first).

The windows should be coming in within the next week or two, along with the steel roofing. Before the windows get put in and the steel roofing goes on, I better get this updated! To remedy this lack of focus on the blog for the total focus on my tangible life, I’ll be updating in two parts since this is fairly photo heavy. Part one, I.E. this post, will include sheathing, a light show and the first look at the first floor bedroom coming to life. I’m so clever at blog post titles, right?

When I left off Andy was putting up the collar ties on our second floor and the ends were wide open.

 Over the last few weeks we’ve done the following:

1.) Finished off the the plywood on the roof. The blue tarp is long gone!

2.) Put all of the exterior sheathing up so our upstairs actually now feels like an upstairs. Also, Rosie can no longer stand directly on the edge of the second floor and scare the bejesum out of me that she’s going to jump off. If you know Rosie, you would know it isn’t entirely crazy to believe she might do it under the right circumstances. She’s known for jumping off 6ft ledges into water, so we were a little weary of her up there. This is obviously an in progress shot, but I’m saving the “final” shots for part two when I can show you the fascia we put up too.

3.) We put in the downstairs window. This was a pretty big project and it was complete within a couple hours, and finished in the dark. We came home from work one night and I wasn’t expecting much to be done. The next thing I know the long window in that room was being removed. This window is no longer in existence.

First the exterior trim was removed and the window taken out, then Andy removed the flashing around the window.

At this point Andy and Casey started measuring for the new window with the laser level. At some point during this, instead of boarding up the window for the night, the wall ended up coming down. There was no going back, wall down meant wall up. Casey looked at Andy and said, “I guess we’re doing this tonight.” while there was a gaping hole in the wall. We had about an hour left of daylight but there wasn’t much we could do about it. So why not frame the new window in?

By the time the guys got the wall removed, some more measurements done and pieces cut for the window it was dusk and quickly getting dark. In other words, it was the perfect time for our own personal light-show a la grinding off nails before putting up the window framing.

If the photo above looks sketchy because of the wiring, and oh boy do I know it does, no worries. The wiring is completely dead at this point, it just hadn’t been entirely pulled out of the wall yet. As cool as this looks the sparks also lasted a super short period of time and were fizzled out almost as immediately as they started.

After the light show was over, the boys got to studding up the wall. It was almost completely dark out, so this required me to use the flash on my camera which I admittedly hate doing. Apparently Casey hated it too by the stink eye he gave me.While they worked on the window framing I went outside and brought over some plywood so we could get the wall closed up temporarily. Bringing the plywood over was the very moment I realized I had to start working out again. I managed to man lady-handle the plywood but it took all of my force and then I ended up carrying it on my back like the hunchback of oh-my-gosh-I-need-to-start-lifting-weights-again-notre-dame. It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. I truly and honestly wish one of them had taken a photo, or video, of this process though secretly I’m really happy I live with two boys who don’t often take photos of anything. You know I would have posted a photo or video of my quaziboardmo impression out of sheer hilarity, but I would have been embarrassed the entire time.

The next day, with the temporary plywood taken down and the real exterior put on, we had a good first look at how the interior of the first floor bedroom will look!

Come back on Monday when I have part two posted of our updates over the last week or so. It will include the house color we’ve chosen, and some other roofing finishes. I’d tell you what they are called but I can’t remember because it’s late (it’s on the tip of my tongue) and Andy is asleep. Given my cleverness at not being literal (sarcasm) I’ll likely call the next post something along the lines of, “Paint and Other Non-Technical Roof Stuff”.

What have you guys been up to? Do you write blogs and then not update on some pretty big stuff for a period of time because you have real-life happening all around you? I can’t possibly be the only one. How do people regularly post five days a week with a full time job and everything else? I think I’d rather snuggle my dogs face, fold fresh laundry and pick tomatoes-preferably not at the same time, but don’t put it past me.



FYI: This post was published without a thorough proof-reading because this really just needed to finally go up. Tomorrow morning I’m sure I’ll wake up, review this and go “OH NO.” when I spot a hundred incoherent sentences. Let’s both be okay with it and accept this isn’t my finest.

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