Soffit Squirrels

Early Sunday morning the boys were back at it after spending a long day installing the joists, insulation and subfloor for the new addition. With the new floor in place it was time to focus on pulling the siding off the house for some exploratory work. The probability of uncovering something wrong was pretty high. The probability of finding a mouse nest was pretty much guaranteed.

I have to admit, we were all laughing slash gagging when we took the soffit down because what we found was a lot bigger than a mouse nest. Andy definitely took one for the team. Nothing like a little squirrel nest dust in your face in the AM. Ahh that fresh country air never gets old.

I have to give the squirrel props for it’s hard work. That was one heck-of-a nest.

Once the squirrel nest and other debris those sneaky buggers pulled into the soffit was gone, Andy pulled off the siding  to see what kind of structure he was working with. Let’s take a closer look between the top of the window and the plywood. High quality insulation people. High. Quality.

Once the walls were opened up to the studs it was no surprise our insulation was about an inch thick – uncompressed. It was about on-par with what Andy expected to find, but it made it no less funny and ridiculous.

This photo shows the, honest to God, thickness of most of the insulation. Wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants and slippers and hats while we had the wood stove going with dry oak on a freezing winter day all makes so much sense now.

Andy decided to keep opening up the house even further to check out more structural items, while I kept staring with a gaping mouth laughing at the insulation. From Andy’s perspective it wasn’t unexpected. From my perspective I found it funny because even someone as technically unsound as me is well aware how terrible it was.

Right about where Andy is standing in the above photo is where we are putting in a large opening from the livingroom to the kitchen/dining area. We’ll need to restructure this side of the house for both the opening and to properly tie in the second floor of the addition.

The house is still open on that side to about the same degree while they decide how to restructure it, but first we had to get the second floor of the old addition taken care of. I’ll post more about it tomorrow, but for now here’s a sneak peak.

The wood splittah gets it done. Who says you need a power tool when you have brute force?





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