Soil. Barefeet. Heaven.

It’s August and it means our garden has gone through it’s growth spurt and is now quietly spending it’s days soaking up the sun and rain, breathing in the cool evening air and soon, becoming part of the earth again. It’s kind of what a lot of us here in Maine do with the good weather. We pop to life, stretch, grow and soak up the warmth. By August we’re settling into the weather, quietly enjoying our time outside, the last breath of summer, and getting ready to hunker down for the long beautiful {and rugged} winters we get.

As I came home a few nights ago I took a deep breath of the warm air, could hear the crickets already starting their song and decided to kick my shoes off and get right in the garden. Moist soil beneath my feet feels like a cup of tea to me. It’s relaxing, it’s comforting and it’s fun to get dirty – let’s face it.

I decided to share with you some of the things we have growing. I will not however share the hornworms that have invaded and all but destroyed our tomatoes. I will not show you them because I couldn’t find one. I couldn’t find one because I got rid of most of them *rambo gear on*.

My herbs are hands down my favorite items in the garden this summer. My rosemary was choked out with weeds (of which we were constantly battling) but the rest flourished.

To be completely honest, I can’t remember what this is but it smells fantastic (unlike my wet dog who is currently laying next to me). I think it might be the savory I grew. If you have any idea what this is – feel free to identify it for me! Not rosemary, not tarragon….? Whatever it is I think I need to tie a bundle to Winnie’s collar. Good grief.

One of my favorite herbs is lemon balm, it’s in the mint family. It’s delicious chopped up and thrown in a can of chick peas and lemon juice  for a quick meal. It’s great steeped in water for tea. It has a ton of uses and I highly recommend it.

Then there’s the overgrown oregano. Pretty fantastic.

It also actually got hot enough to grow some hot peppers. The jalapeno’s came up (a few) but the chili’s still haven’t grown. Ever. You would think I would stop planting them. Nope. Never. One of these summers it will get hot enough, and I will get a single chili and it will be the single great accomplishment of my life summer, even though all I did was plant it. You know what also came up though for the first time though? My Cherry Bomb peppers. They might not be the prettiest but focus – the point is, they grew.

Our ever faithful banana peppers didn’t let us down again. Dear banana peppers. I love you. Thank you.

Then there is our plethora of lettuce. So. Much. Lettuce.

Then there’s the cucumbers that will not cease to grow. I’m not complaining, trust me. I love me some cucumbers.

After squishing the soil around my toes for a while and filling up my basket I looked up to see Winnie munching away on the peas. My first thought was that she’s going to be pretty disappointed this winter when she figures out we didn’t plant brusselsprouts, her favorite frozen winter treat.

Finally, when all was said and done I walked out of the garden with a basket of goodies to use for dinner among other things. The two goons were just *waiting* for me to drop the entire basket so they could go to town.

“You can drop those peas at anytime now.”

“Mom, you think you’re going to give me some of those peas? I’ll even take some lettuce if you have too much.”

Sorry Winn. Sorry Rosie. {Don’t worry, I know you’ll sneak a piece}.

Happy Gardening & Toes In The Soil,


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