Son of a Pinterest (Challenge)

Update: Here’s an update to this I did on January 26, 2012.

This post was not paid for by Pinterest. I’m 99.9% positive pretty sure they have no idea this blog wading among millions exists. Let’s face it, it’s pretty much just me writing and a few friends reading, and maybe my Mom, maybe, haha.

Consider me on the bandwagon. I’m officially on Pinterest. I was going to write an entire post about Pinterest and my participation in the Pinterest Challenge, but I figured it would be easier to make a video to explain why I joined Pinterest, and what I’m working on for the Challenge…sort of.

To sum up the video, I fell for Pinterest. Hard. Like, fall for Richard Gere hard. Shut up, I have a thing for Richard Gere (mainly ala Pretty Woman. There’s just something about the love story between a rich guy and a hooker). I own it (liking Richard Gere, not owning Pretty Woman, but now that I think about it I really should). So in lieu of joining Pinterest, and of the Pinterest Challenge – I’m going to crochet a rug.

Particularly, one similar to this. Originally from Viva Terra for over $700 dollars. YIKES.

Theirs = wool. Mine = cheap yarn. Theirs = meticulously adorable little flowers. Mine = whatever shape I feel like making on that particular night. Theirs = adorable.

Mine might end up a ton of coasters and potholders.

The best part of this? It keeps me busy because I clearly do not have anything else to do, and I can roll it up and throw it in the wash. One of the things I didn’t mention was the size I’m planning on. I’m looking to make a 5×7 rug.

It’s going to be a lot of work.

Bring it on.

Happy Pinspiration (not to be confused with perspiration),


Pss …A few side things: Note that I mention I have no makeup on in this video, it’s apparent I forgot I had a little blusher on from earlier. Also, I thought it would be nice to share the video with a mosquito. He was more interested in trying to get blood from me and buzz around the camera. I will not be inviting him back. Also also, I said “like” too much. *cringe*. Sorry.

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  1. Do you have a pattern you followed while making your rug? I LOVE this idea and would like to try it for a living room rug in my new house!


    1. I actually do not have a pattern to follow, I’m making it up as I go. I know how to crochet, and some different stitches, so I’m playing around with each circle. I searched for the flower pattern of the rug but unfortunately couldn’t find it. I know how to make a similar style but looking closer it seems like perhaps they used a finer yarn and mine is a bit larger. We will see what happens!


  2. I don’t know what you just said…. Despite not having any makeup on, I couldn’t stop looking at your lips. And I’m a happily married woman….. To a man….. Who I’ve been with since high school.
    Seriously, the camera loves you. You’re gorgeous.

    Anyway, that rug is amazing, and I hope your rug evokes an equally amazing product, as different as it may turn out to be. I feel inspired to take on a similar challenge . Good luck to you! I’m going to bookmark you and check back to see how you’re doing. 😉

    1. Aww you’re so sweet! Thank you! I feel so awkward in front of a camera, though I suppose I’ll get more used to it as I update on different topics. Regarding the rug, I’m glad it’s inspiring! That is exactly what it should be. My only concern is the serious amount of dog hair that is *sure* to weave its way into the threads, and how hard it will be to really get it totally clean. I figure if anything it will turn out to be a really awesome afghan (of sorts)!


  3. i absolutely love the idea of making this rug! if you find a crochet flower pattern anywhere close to that, i’d love to know where it came from! please share….and i can’t wait to see what yours looks like!

    1. Every time I found a similar photo there was no tutorial, so thus I have no pattern to go off of right now. . By the looks of this flower I have a feeling the yarn is a finer yarn than I am using. I actually know how to make somewhat similar ones but it would be a heck of a ton of work, so I’m going with a bunch of random style rounds (including some flowery ones) instead. If you’re looking for awesome crochet tutorials check out “Art of Crochet by Teresa” on YouTube, she’s a great teacher and has clear videos.


  4. I don’t know you and I’m reading it! Really great idea. Please post a tutorial when done. I would love to make one of these for my kitchen.

    1. Thanks, Susan! We had to get some other projects done so I had to put this down, but I’m planning on picking it up again soon!


    1. Hi Tina. The project has taken a back burner with everything else going on right now, but once it’s done I’ll definitely update on it. I’m planning now on doing a small rug for the guest room, something to keep toes warm when they step out of bed. I don’t have the same stitch as this rug, so it’s more of an inspiration piece. Once it’s completed, or near, I’ll likely post a video of the stitch & progress. I’m really hoping to get back on this soon.


  5. I absolutely love this rug!! I have no idea how to begin it though…what kind of pattern are you doing? I really wanna make a big rug for my living room!!!

    1. I actually don’t have any kind of set pattern to be honest. I’m just making it up as I go. As I mentioned above, it’s kind of taken a back burner to the 1,000 other things going on but I’m hoping to get back on it. Normally winter is our slower period but it seems to still be chugging ahead full steam at this point. I know how to do crochet flowers, so I’m sort of going off of that theory of crochet. Hopefully once I can focus on this project again, and I get a decent amount of them made I can make a video for you guys on how I’m doing it.


  6. thanks so much…sorry should have read the other comments better…I’ve made some flowers but not quite sure if they would come out to be like the picture…we’ll see! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

    1. Haha no problem! Mine won’t look exactly like the photo either. I’m pretty sure they use a super fine yarn and a tiny needle. I just don’t have the patience for that. Mine will be more of an inspiration piece, not an exact (or maybe even close?) replica hah!. We’ll see. Like I say in the video – I could end up with a ton of pot holders and what not. Who knows. I’m thinking given all the activity on this post lately I need to get my butt in gear and go get some more yarn.

  7. Ok so I really like this idea and I get that you didn’t use a pattern but my question is how are you getting your rolled flower pieces to stay together? What ditch are you using for that!!?

    1. Hi Kayla, once I get to that step I’ll just stitch them together. I’m not sewing any kind of backing onto mine because I want to be able to pick it up, roll it up and throw it in the washing machine. My plan, to keep it from moving around is to do rug-non slip pad – rug pad for comfort – non-slip pad. Sandwiching everything like this should keep it all in place, and still keep it easy to wash. There are options for getting rug backing which is just essentially a big piece of plastic with small squares throughout, that you would stitch each one too. If you decided to go this route, at the end of stitching together each individual flower I would recommend leaving two tales so you can tie each one to the backing. It’s probably way easier to do this, but I really want to be able to pick it up and wash it. With two dogs in the house, having things be easily washable is super important.


    2. Oh, and if you mean the rolled flowers individually, I’m just stitching them together with the same colored yarn as the flower itself.

  8. Love your video… : ) I too found pinterest about a month ago and have done many project from it. I am making a small afghan for my Mother-in-Law who is a missionary to the Philippines. She requested a very light weight afghan to put over herself when she watches t.v. at night in her only air conditioned room, the bed room! Yikes! Well, as the afghan progressed I realized the are a few glaring mistake in it… so I hopped on to pintrest to find a flower pattern to make to put over the glaring mistakes… found your rug pin and followed it to your video. I say all that to say this you made me smile and you are right! We must participate in life! Thanks for the smile and the little push to keep going even if I have made bad, BAD mistakes in this thing! I will make round flowers and hope she loves it anyway!

    1. Aww you’re so welcome, Valerie! Your afghan sounds awesome and I’m sure no matter what your mother-in-law will appreciate it so much. By the way, it’s awesome that she is a missionary! Boo yah. I’m so glad my video made you smile. My favorite thing to do is to inspire people to keep on keepin’ on. I used to be so scared of screwing up the first time I ever did anything that I would either not try, or give it a go and then throw it all away at my first mistake. Thank God for growing on and growing up. I now do whatever I want and if I screw up, so be it – it’s not the end of the world. I either just start over, fix it, or say oh well and keep on going. I would love to see a photo of your afghan when you’re done if you can put it on flickr or some other site and link to it.

      Yay for Valerie!


  9. Hi! I, too, am trying to make this rug. My daughter pinned it with the comment, “Can you make this, Mom?” Always up for a challenge, I replied, “Sure.” Then I searched and searched for a pattern as a model for these circles.
    I came up with one from a Lily Sugar and Cream project book called “Bright Ideas”. I found the book at JoAnn Fabrics. There is a rug in this book that has circles. I have been making these circles in three different sizes, matching the colors from the one pictured above.
    After I follow the pattern for the circle I have added an additional step. I slip stitch in the middle which would be the start of the spiral to add the yarn and then following around sc, sl, sc, sl all the way around to the end of the final row. This gives it a thickness and a kind of petal.
    Wow, this may seem confusing until you see the pattern for the circles which are crocheted in the back loops all around. I use the front loops to make the “petals.”
    Hope this helps if you need a “kind of” pattern.

    1. Thanks! I think I get what you’re saying! Post a link to a picture when you’re done. I’d love to see it!


  10. Heather,

    Love your rug!!! Would you be willing to share the pattern you used for the flower part? I want to make one for my granddaughter but can’t even find the pattern you used. Thanks!


    1. Hi Judi! I’ve done an update to this post (just the other day) with more about how I am making the flowers, etc. Mine looks different since I’m pretty sure the flowers in this rug are done with a super fine yarn and small crochet hook. There’s a link at the top of this post to the newer update!


  11. I really want to make the circle rug. What size of needle are you using? I can’t seem to get my circles to look like yours…HELP!!!! Pattern yet?

    1. Hi Bonnie. Check out the top of the post. There’s an update with a link to a new post where I show how I make my rounds. Size doesn’t really matter as far as the hook, if you want a tighter flower go with a smaller one, if you want a one a little less tight go with a bigger hook. I think mine is an H or J.


  12. Heather,

    I’ve never posted a question to a blog so I’m not sure how I will even get the answer to the question I am about to ask but I’m going to give it a go, Kind of like your doing with the rug….it’s a what the heck kind of day LOL

    Where can I learn to crochet so I can take a stab at the rug, it is absolutely awesome and I would love to try to do it just not sure if it is a beginners project. I love to do “busy” things that is why I want to learn to crochet and to make this rug. Or stack of pot holders LOL and how to you attach all the circles together?

    Thanks and what a great video, loving the mosquito in there. What a cameo appearance.

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      There are tons of beginner tutorials on YouTube showing you how to crochet. My favorite is Art of Crochet by Teresa. Once you get the hang of crocheting and working different loops you will easily be able to make these flowers. If you go to the top of this post there is a link to an update I posted in January. There you can find a little more on the project, how I plan on putting everything together, and how I’m making my flowers. I hope that helps!

      Oh, and I’m pretty sure that mosquito already has an agent in Hollywood, he’s a true talent.


  13. Heather….just discovered your blog…through my new lover…..Pinterest 🙂 where I saw picturre of the cool -expensive -rug. This comment is not about any of that. I just want to say before even watching your little video I got sucked into what you were writing about the video and Richard Geer – sigh – and i started laughiing…..then the video got me laughing more! It was great, misquotoe and all! You are naturally so funny….I’m going to follow your blog because you are totally entertaining!!

    (And a side note…..speaking of Pretty Woman… actually sound, and your mouth looks, just like Julia Roberts! seriously)!

    Really look forward to the ‘follow up’ video 🙂
    your new fan,

    1. Hahaha thanks, J! Wait, can I call you J? Cause I just did. At the top of this post is a link to the update I did in January. The video isn’t as awesome, I was kind of under the weather. I SHOULD have posted the video with the dogs going nuts, knocking over the closet door and it landing on me. It was hilarious. If I still had it I’d post it as a blooper haha.

      Thank you for liking my blog! I love doing it. Also, I will take the Julia Roberts comment any day! Since I was a teenager I’ve heard Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts (more mannerisms and kind of look). I don’t see either but I’ll take it.

      Side story- my husband (when he was still my college boyfriend) once told me I reminded him of JR in pretty woman. I sort of just stared at him and said, “I remind you of a hooker?” haha. He meant mannerism, particularly when she’s eating pancakes apparently.


  14. Hi there, there’s a pattern on for a pillow that could be used for this rug. Pattern is called Blooming Flower cushion (it’s free) posted by Attic 24. Just use a worsted weight yarn (#4) that will stand up to being stepped on!. The label should tell you the number (#4) & weight ie sport, worsted. bulky etc.. Try using the recommended hook on the label first. If it’s too tight keep going larger until you like it. The pattern is probably a larger flower than required for the rug, so just stop when it’s the size you want. According to Attic 24, the pattern is originally from a 1940’s potholder. She says its avail. on Two and there’s a link. RAVELRY.COM ROCKS!
    I hope this works because I hate to see any crocheter in distress! Your video is adorable & you don’t need makeup-you’re beautiful on tape!
    Also, I just started on Pinterest a week ago-what was the challenge? Thanks, Barb

  15. It looks like it’s just a chain with triple crochets along the top, then stitched into a circle pattern. Sure look cool as a rug!

  16. Hi Heather,
    I just watched your video on the pinterest challenge and I thought I might be able to help out. You are making it way too hard on yourself. It looks like the flower rug which you are trying to copy is made with a pattern shown on a blog by Lucy at Attic 24. This should be the link: . Lucy does an excellent job showing the steps with photos so it makes things quite easy and her site is just plain beautiful as well.
    Good Luck.

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I’ll check it out. I admit I haven’t touched it (again) in a while because we are just way too busy prepping to start renovations, but once I have time to pick it up again hopefully that link will help!


  17. Lovd the rug. There are tons of patterns for flowers guess where? Big smile. If I find something fab I’ll post it. You’re beautiful.

    1. Unfortunately, no. We’ve been so busy with work, the house, the garden and personal commitments I haven’t had any time 🙁 Maybe I’ll bring some stuff next weekend to work on!


  18. I haven’t read all of the replies but It looks to me like double crochet strips that are wound into a circle and sewn together. This would give it a padded feel but I wonder if it would hold up as a rug walked on. Your flat circles would probably be better to walk on.

    I can see it made of cloth, too, like a rag rug. It is striking.
    Happy crocheting!

    1. Thanks! At the top of this post is a link to an update I did with the stitch I’ve been using. This project unfortunately has taken a really big place on the side burner since so many other things have been going on and it’s extremely labor intensive. Hopefully some time will free up and I can get back on it!


  19. How much yarn did you use to make your rug? I would like to try this and wondered how much yarn I should get…

    1. Hi Charish,

      Unfortunately I’m not done with it yet, so I can’t say. I’ve been using scraps I’ve had around plus I’ve bought a few huge skeins (the cheap ones from Michaels/Ac Moore, etc.). This rug is a beast to find time to work on and super labor intensive so it’s become an “as I have time” project. I totally understand now why the original was $700.


  20. This would be beautiful in my living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, any room!! I LOVE crocheting and my husband and I have an unspoken rule that after the little one is off to bed I can crochet as long as he is allowed to play Halo. I have looked and am having trouble seeing how these flowers are made. Any tips? Thanks and I look forward to “stalking” the rest of your blog!

  21. I too would like to make this rug but after searching I couldn’t find a pattern. After consulting with my local yarn store I was turned on to this ravelry pattern for pot holders called fanciful flowers. It is very close to the crochet pattern in the rug if made bigger and with a solid color yarn. Check it out!!

    1. I’m not sure what the high-five dance is, but I imagine it being something along the lines of the running man and high-fiving at the same time.

      Either way, I think you just won the entire shebang Celeste! That looks super duper close!


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