Sour Grapes

This is not a recipe post. This is a post about “pulling yourself up by your big girl panties” as my mother would say, taking charge of how you live your life, and the small gestures that can be so big. It’s also about grapes. Sort of.

You know the “harumph” or “uhhggg” kind of mood?

The “I haven’t been exercising and I feel gross, I changed my diet to limit dairy which I hate because I love dairy but it turns out I’m not as stuffed up if I stop consuming it so much,  my house is a mess, I have a thousand pounds of laundry to fold, I found a flea on my dog because I forgot one month of frontline so I’m going rambo on vacumming & bathing/combing two 60 lb dogs, a tornado hit my office, technology can be incredibly frustrating” kind of mood. You know, all the stuff I could have avoided if I had just taken care of it ahead of time, not forgotten, or am annoying myself doing that I don’t have to? The I don’t know if I’m more annoyed with the list of things to do, or that it’s my fault to begin with and I have no choice but to own it and move on? Yeah. That kind of mood.

Andy calls these moods “sour grapes”. Thankfully knows how to snap me out of it. Sometimes it’s being sweet, sometimes it’s being funny, sometimes it’s leaving me alone and sometimes it’s a rough dose of “knock it off”. Sometimes it’s a little of all four. He always has the patience to know I’ll snap out of it. Sometimes I just have to let myself have a I-know-I-have-a-great-life-but-I’m-whiney day in order to move on. Thank God for giving me the husband he did. He checkity checks myself before I wrecks myself.

This morning after being indecisive, which made me lose out on a couple fun opportunities, and just “uhhg” I decided enough was enough. I went for a run with the dogs, cleaned the office, did another combing just to make sure I got the fleas (all one of them that I initially found) and found nothing else, did the dishes, did tons of laundry, and helped Andy make dinner. Slowly but surely my mood was changing.

While making some delicious Butter Almond & Winter Savory String Beans (recipe post coming) Andy walked in the kitchen and the following adorable, sweet, funny, awesomeness that is the reason I married him ensued. I just happened to have my camera on me since I was documenting the string beans for a blog post.

“Look. You see these? These are sour grapes.”

“Now look at these. These are sweet grapes.”

“First, you’re going to crush the sour grapes away. Then you’re going to eat the sweet grapes. But you have to do it in that order. No more sour grapes, only sweet grapes”

To get these grapes he had to go out into the hayfield and find them. How does that gesture not immediately help heal any bad mood?

So I smiled and went outside. First, I crushed the sour grapes by stomping on them.

And you know what? It helped. Something about physically crushing away the sour grapes made me feel better.

“Ok, now taste the sweet grapes”

They were sweet. Sweet enough to make me smile. Sweet enough to bring me back directly into the moment not to care about anything else because I had a delicious burst of flavor in my mouth and a husband looking at me who just did something incredibly nice.

I’m thankful for knowing enough to allow myself to have a sour grapes kind of day once in a while, for knowing that I have to pull myself up by my big girl panties and be done with it, and for knowing I have the kind of husband who will literally get me wild sour grapes and sweet grapes just to make sure the deal it sealed.

Our evening ended with a beautiful sunset. Even when the grapes might be sour, I really do know I have a blessed life.

Happy Grape Crushing,





2 thoughts on “Sour Grapes

  1. I had this exact same type of day yesterday. This post put a smile on my face, knowing that I’m not the only one out there who gets grumpy for no big reason. Thank you!

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