Spring Has Sprung?

I am not convinced spring is here.

IMG_8592I am, however, convinced spring is here.

IMG_8726Now if the outside could start to match the inside, things would be a bit better. I am pleased to say this morning made me start to believe that mud season (the season in Maine between winter and spring) may be making it’s unfashionably-late arrival. I woke up to rain, wet snow, and mud.

This can mean one thing—there is hope for a spring garden. Perhaps, however, just not as early as I anticipated.

So, I suppose I hesitantly say, “happy first day of spring!”


One thought on “Spring Has Sprung?

  1. Happy first day of spring to you too. The only sign of spring for us is a bouquet of tulips that we have on the dining room table. Outside today I was still wearing my snowshoes and mitts for my evening hike. I guess the fact that I can now hike in the evening is a good sign.

    Oh, and yes, the mud has arrived too. This is my first mud season with a dog, and I’m quickly realizing that simply toweling off his feet is not going to be enough.

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