I Found Spring. Sorry Guys, I Had It The Whole Time.

The days are slowly getting warmer around here, and this is a very good sign. Now, let me be clear this is all relative. This weather:

Often happily leads me to do this with my jacket:

And then walk around doing yard work in my tank top and carhartts. In March. In 50 degree weather.

I think it must be true those in generally colder climates have thicker blood. 53 to me is warm after a cool winter, and if it ever hits 85 I am generally useless. This is partially because we live in a humid climate and 85 rarely feels dry, and partially because if that much warmth hits my body I tend to become extremely lethargic and want to do nothing but sleep—in the sun—in my skivies, which I cannot do because I have neighbors, and because I would be far to sleepy to even get down to my skivies.

Cool weather like this though gets me going. It’s refreshing, it’s invigorating. You want to know what’s also refreshing and invigorating? Seeing spring happen.

I cleaned up some leafs and fallen branches from this dirt pile today, where we planted some heirloom annuals.

Do you know what I found?


If any of you have been looking for it, I had it the whole time under a pile of leaves. I hate when I misplace stuff like that.

Just a week or two ago my world looked like this.

And now this exists. A perfect, little purple flower. The flower shoots were enough to make me reel with delight, but to find a tiny little flower made my heart jump like a five year old on Christmas. Spring makes me feel like I’ve been holding my breath all winter, and when I see something like this I can finally let a big big sigh out. Then again, I always let a big big sigh of happiness out when I see the first snow.

I think I just love season changes, and those moments when you can pinpoint each year when mother nature is making her change. I am not sure I couldn live where there weren’t four distinct seasons. It’s all throughout my thick New Englander blood.

Even Mr. A, the work ox that he is, took a minute to soak it all in after welding part of the door on our barn and fixing a frost heave issue.

After playing a little bit, the dogs found their favorite in-yard “swimming holes” were filled with perfectly cool melted snow.

And now we have two very muddy dogs, taking very muddy naps, doing very funny muddy dog dream things, in our house. I used to wash the floor all the time and make sure the dogs were completely washed off. Now I don’t care. I would be doing this approximately 5 times a day if I still felt like trying to keep up with Mud Season. I think it was God’s way of telling me to relax.

Then again, these are his way of telling me in a matter of months I’ll be napping in the sun in the hammock.

I can’t wait.

Happy Spring (almost),



2 thoughts on “I Found Spring. Sorry Guys, I Had It The Whole Time.

  1. I use to wash our floors every time Thatch tracked in ANY mud. I have given up. It was turning me into a raving lunatic. Glad you guys are having spring. At this moment my 3 year old is upstairs shouting, “it’s spring!” at the top of her lungs.

    1. Haha so true re: mud! Spring has definitely been found, sneaky bugger. Even if we get another snow storm I’ll know that spring is still there!

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