Steel Roofing, Wasps, Headers and [wait for it] Barngress!

Fourth of July is Independence Day, but it’s also “Take The Roofing Off, Put It On The Barn, And Install The Header” Day. At least around here. I was busy revamping the Green Barn Soaps website all Wednesday, so I was a little oblivious to the on goings around the house, except when my good friend Abigail came to visit for a half hour or so. While waiting for her I noticed a ladder to the roof and realized what the loud noises I heard were-roof removal!

From on top of the original house, looking at the addition.

Since we’re changing the entire direction of the roof on the addition, we had to get the steel roofing off. It turns out there were not only quite a few wasps nests under the soffit up there (of which Andy got a nice sting on the ear) but there were also old school shingles underneath.

True to form, nothing gets wasted. Andy took the steel roof off of the addition, and then put it on the lien we built for the barn. Andy yelled to me up on the roof to report ongoing Barngress. The man speaks truth. Andy laughed at me when I told him I really liked how it looked. I then reminded him I like how items built out of pallet wood, or wood that’s been in a barn too long, looked. To him the roof is utilitarian, it does the job, and it was free. To me, it looks awesome.

Oh wait, you wanted to see detail?

With the steel roof removed and barn roof installed, Andy turned his focus to installing a header in the addition. This header will support the weight of the house, so we can make an approximately 8ft opening from the new living room into the the original house/kitchen area.

Most of the time when you’re installing headers, you don’t have a wall on the other side…but when you do, you might experience drywall blowout. This is entirely fine by me! The faster it gets ripped down the better.

With the header installed we were finally ready to cut the soffit off on the addition side of the house and layout the windows. These posts will be published later this week (the window one is my favorite, I have to admit).

Before you know it we’ll be removing the second floor of the old addition (it’s completely coming off) and we’ll be rebuilding before you know it!



2 thoughts on “Steel Roofing, Wasps, Headers and [wait for it] Barngress!

  1. Zip, zip, zip – moving right along! I had a slight detour when I had to go read about the lean on the barn, which looks pretty cool.

    1. It’s definitely moving right along! I left this weekend and when I came back there was a ton of progress. There are a few more posts before that reveal, but definitely this week!


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