In Stitches

My sewing machine, from my Memere, and I have been having a bit of a dispute lately. I want it to work, it doesn’t. As I was sewing burp cloths this weekend for my Etsy store, the tension kept messing up and snapping my string. Finally, after 2 hours – and 2 burp cloths later, I started looking at new machines online. I’m pretty sure my Memere was looking down and laughing at me in stitches (pun intended).

Then Mr. A popped in my head. He was outside cutting down trees (later post this week), but there was no way I could save face buying a new machine if I didn’t even TRY to fix mine. Luckily I grew up with a seamstress, who may or may not have come downstairs to a disassembled sewing machine more than once.

Mr. A walked in to see this, and was slightly concerned. I’m not the fixer around here if it has an engine. Normally I’m the breaker. I contest that I actually broke this versus it being over 30 years old, but I sure as heck knew how to take it apart and fix at least some of it.

You see that tension knob, with the numbers? When I took that off, there were 2 more pieces than the blown out schematic showed. In the words of scooby doo – Ruh Roh. Why were they there? What was the purpose, and where do I put them back?

Well, you don’t put them back. I concluded they were part of the issue since they weren’t in the original schematic. I concluded wrong of course, but it didn’t hurt anything. Once I cleaned, tweaked, pried and sat back to scratch the noggin, I managed to get the tension working. I use the word tension loosely (no pun intended). Yes I put the number cap back on, no it’s not in the right order, but hey – it’s working.

So at the end of a long battle, I have come out on top. For now. I have six burp clothes in my stack to put up for sale. Thankfully two of them on Sunday took only about 20 minutes to make from start to finish, including one or two minor tension problems, so that’s not too bad.

Oh, and in the middle of this all Mr. A brought me in these. They are from his mothers plants we brought home after she sold her house. I love him.

Happy Stitching, Fixing and Laughing,


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