Sun Tea for Three

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Ahh good. You’re still there. I didn’t post last week because frankly, I had nothing to say. I mean I had plenty to say. I’m a talker, everyone knows that. I just didn’t have much to announce in blog world. It’s been pretty miserable weather so there hasn’t been much outside, and aside from an utterly boring post about me doing laundry, or cleaning the dogs ears, there hasn’t been too much worth discussing. So I spared you. However, last weekend we got things going again, so I’ll have a couple posts to share with you this week. Including a deck post. Eep!

Let’s ease into this by giving you the absolutely easiest recipe ever, next to Rachel Rays “Late Night Bacon” recipe. You should go read that recipe and then read the comments. They are fairly hilarious and sarcastic. What I’m about to share with you I’m not even sure qualifies as a recipe. It’s more like, a couple steps. So feel free to pile on the hilarious and sarcastic comments here as well. I’m pretty sure I deserve it.

When Andy was a kid, some ladies in his family used to make something called Sun Tea a lot. I’ve heard about it for years but we never made it; until this weekend when Andy found a drink dispenser I had bought (and not used) for our wedding. There’s something fun about making this, and I don’t know why. Just do it. You’ll think it’s fun too.

Sun Tea


  • Clear drink pitcher, dispenser, large mason jar, etc.
  • Tea bags (about 5)
  • Water (about one gallon)
  • Sunny Day


  1. Hang on to your panties. These directions might blow your culinary mind. And just for this I will pronounce it “Q-linary” because this is very sophisticated.
  2. Put water in dispenser/jar/pitcher.
  3. Add tea bags.
  4. Let sit in sun. For a few hours.
  5. Add sugar and ice to the entire shindig once it’s brewed, if you want. (I prefer mine plain. Andy prefers his with sugar. Just don’t add milk. Especially if you’re going to continue to let this sit out. Yikes. You might as well make tuna and mayo and let that sit out too. Just kidding. Don’t.)

Can I tell you a secret? This makes more than tea for three. It’s just that there were three of us sitting around drinking it—and it rhymes with tea.  I bet we’ll likely make a jug of this pretty often now that we remembered we had these jars.

Also, I’m sorry for assaulting you with such a complex recipe. The Food Network will be banging on my door any day now. It does after all include at least a few more steps than “put bacon in microwave”. Though, putting bacon in the microwave isn’t a half bad idea.

Happy Sunning,


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