When Burgers Don’t Help, Craft.

I had one of those headaches today. You know, the kind that sit there on the verge of migraine but never quite make it. They are the equivalent of a kid playing the “I’m not touching you” game. The one where they sit there and pretend not to touch you from like an inch away. The one that drives you absolutely nuts and you wish they would either just poke you already or go away.

That kind of headache. Only really, you always just wish it would go away.

So on the way home from work with Mr.A tonight, who also had a headache, I proclaimed I required a burger and fries from our favorite summer-time drive-in to fix a craving and a headache. He realized I was in my “this is going to happen” mode so we went home, picked up the dogs, and headed out in search of deliciousness.  As delicious and wonderful as it was for my craving – it did not fix my headache. Neither did exercise. Neither did laying in the dark. So I said “oh screw it”, got up and decided crafting a vintage suit-case bunting banner  for our wedding might do the trick.