Oh The Abode

As I’ve mentioned before, when we bought our house it desperately needed work. We’ve done an immense amount of work on the property, leaving the house until last. Recently we realized we may not be able to do our addition this summer. I told Mr. A I needed to revamp the living room to save my sanity.

It’s about time I show you all the interior of the house, at least part of it. I spend a lot of time thinking about what the house will look like so when I see my photos, I see what everyone else does. The thought of sharing them sends a shiver down my spine a little.

I love my little house, but it’s a bit of a cave. I couldn’t spend another winter in the cave. Although it’s cozy, I could do without all the paneling, and the stenciled hostile Amish picnic. Exactly why are their hands joined back to back?

Welcome to my home. Let the mini-tour begin.

When you come into the house, you come into the kitchen and large central room with oak floors. This was the main room of the original home. Off of the large room is every other room in the house (minus our bedroom). The living room is in a two story half addition the previous owners put on. It’s a half addition because it only spans half of the house – it’s extremely odd looking. See it sticking up in the picture below?

For whatever reason the previous owners loved wood paneling, really, really rough wood paneling. Yes, that is a painted sub-floor – that is level with the original floor. This leads me to believe this was done on purpose. Yes, I’ve received more than one splinter. Yes, those are my overalls hanging up. Welcome to the cave.

Once you step into the room you see this. It’s hard to get classier.

Finally, the piece de resistance…a fully paneled wall.

To say this room is the opposite of my style wouldn’t be accurate enough. The wood needs to go. The couches need to be covered, and the room needs desperately to be painted. Oh so badly. Even though we’re tearing it down, I can’t handle it for another winter. I started scouring the internet and my “inspiration book” (on my computer) and came across this:

The Urban Farm House

I love the idea of painting our floor and was thinking a nice chocolate brown color and then using a natural rug between the two couches, so when I saw this inspiration photo I was in heaven.

After a paint book and much debate, I headed over to Benjamin Moore and picked up three colors – White Dove, Dove Wing and Pale Oak. After painting a swatch of all three of on each wall and wood paneling around the room, I’m waiting to see what grows on me.

So that’s where we are now. Me, staring at paint changing colors throughout the day. I never knew white could be so hard to choose. I’ll be adding photos of the paint swatches when I can get better daylight photos. I can tell you that right now I’m leaning towards Pale Oak for the paneling and Dove Wing for the walls. White Dove may be too white for this house (and the kind of living we do).

As for the rest of the plans – I’m going to add color in through pillows and accessories, and as of now we will not be painting the ceiling beams. Mr. A really wants to keep them as is.

I expect next weekend I’ll be picking up some primer and some paint. Until then – I’m on the search for two piece fitted couch slipcovers for a reasonable price. Let’s see how this goes!

Happy Cave-Demolishing,


When Burgers Don’t Help, Craft.

I had one of those headaches today. You know, the kind that sit there on the verge of migraine but never quite make it. They are the equivalent of a kid playing the “I’m not touching you” game. The one where they sit there and pretend not to touch you from like an inch away. The one that drives you absolutely nuts and you wish they would either just poke you already or go away.

That kind of headache. Only really, you always just wish it would go away.

So on the way home from work with Mr.A tonight, who also had a headache, I proclaimed I required a burger and fries from our favorite summer-time drive-in to fix a craving and a headache. He realized I was in my “this is going to happen” mode so we went home, picked up the dogs, and headed out in search of deliciousness.  As delicious and wonderful as it was for my craving – it did not fix my headache. Neither did exercise. Neither did laying in the dark. So I said “oh screw it”, got up and decided crafting a vintage suit-case bunting banner  for our wedding might do the trick.


Mason Jar Wedding Invitation Set – DIY Template

Update: January 29, 2015

Unfortunately someone peed in the pool, in fact, multiple people have peed in the pool and so the pool party is over. It will never cease to amaze me how one person believes it’s okay to steal another persons design and then portray them as their own, and profit off of them. It’s straight up unethical.

Thank you to everyone who has used my design responsibility for their events. I truly appreciate it. However, the only place you may now find this design for download is through The Wedding Chicks.  I have given them exclusive permission to offer the designs for free. Unfortunately this means the file is no longer editable to use for any other purpose than a wedding.

I’m sorry everyone to shut the pool down. It just hurts my heart too much to see other people ripping my designs off for a profit, when I, as the creator, don’t even sell them for a profit. So, with that said, I have removed all downloadable files below, information on what fonts were used, and how to edit these. I have also watermarked the images so they cannot be lifted and manipulated easily within a program.


PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO USE: This design is for personal use only and may not be downloaded, used, or altered in anyway for commercial use. This design is Creative Commons protected – as noted at the end of this post. Wedding Chicks is the only vendor with an agreement to use this design commercially. Wedding Chicks will be notified of listings found to be using any part of this design for profit. All blogs who wish to offer this template, or a version of it, for free are welcome to do so with clear and proper acknowledgement and a link back to this blog.

Unauthorized replications of designs, for profit or for free without acknowledgement, is disheartening and disrespectful to the intent of this design and to all designers who work hard to produce original content. For those that have used this template personally and have loved it, thank you so much for your support. I choose to believe the majority of people who use this are doing so personally and the notes I’ve received of gratefulness are the reasons I’m still keeping this download up for now. Thank you again.

Lesson: Don’t pee in the pool, it ruins the fun for everyone.


I have a confession.

I bought our wedding invitations before we were even engaged. I guess I should back it up and say that we would have been engaged by then had I not lost my job. We just couldn’t merit that kind of money at that point. A couple months later once I got a new job, we got engaged.

So really, while unemployed with lack of cash flow, what inspired me to get invitations suddenly? The price.

You might want to sit down.



The story goes as follows: Go to staples for soap business supplies, take a look at clearance table to see if there is anything on it I can use, see wedding invitations. Marked down from $40 a box to $7.50 for 50 invites – I can deal with not loving the design (plain with a tiny bouquet of flowers on top). I scoop up a few more boxes than I expect to use,  just incase.

I get to the cash register and I nearly fall over giggling with pure joy and shock. Then I do some sort of Top Gun high-five with the guy behind me in line (okay, I didn’t but it crossed my mind). Why all the celebration? They rang up as .50 cents a box. I confirm the price and gleefully skip out of the store with all wedding invitations for $2.50 cents and a savings of $197.50.

When Mr. A walks in the door I bubble over about my find.  Through the look of utter confusion and gears turning in his head, I get approval. We’ve been together for almost 6 years at this point, he’s really not too baffled by my antics, and was impressed by the savings.

I spent all of yesterday designing and figuring out the wedding and rsvp design since they do need to go out this month. We have a mason jar theme (much like my life). I designed the outline of the jar, in my vector editor, after a picture I found because mason jar pictures so hard to come across. Okay, that was slightly sarcastic.

So without further ado, the invitation set. Cost?  $0.01 cent each (not including labor or ink).

The invitation was printed and cut around to leave a small border. The invitation paper was off-white with tiny flowers on top. I lined these up to print below the flower design and chopped it right off.

The RSVP’s took a while to figure out how I wanted them worded. When it came down to it, I wanted a cute front that incorporated the jars and went for an nontraditional approach to the wording on the back.

So how did I format the wording for these? Mad-Lib style!

I am excited about these and can’t wait to get them all printed and sent out in the mail. I have to confirm the time with the church first but once that’s done my printer won’t know what hit it.

Oh, and if you did the math ($2.50/.50 cents a box = 5 boxes*50 per box = 250) we don’t have nearly 250  people as it turns out. We went with about 100 less than that. Thank God.

Happy Wedding Crafting!




Due to stealing of this design for profit, all downloads and download instructions have been removed. The Creative Commons license for this design remains in effect. This design is for personal use only. No commercial uses or for clients. Reproductions must be attributed back to Like A Cup of Tea. Please see Creative Commons License below.

Creative Commons License
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