Return of the Claw {Hand}

I’m covered in white paint, caulking and a few rogue glow in the dark stickers as I write this. My claw hands from painting are cheering to say I am finally done – for today. Among the things I painted today included the first coat on the kitchen, the first coat of the ceiling in the laundry/pantry, painting trim in the laundry/pantry, 2 coats of white on one wall in the guest room, and two walls base boards. My day consisted of a few more things than that too. Let’s recap. Why? Because I want to remember this day.

FYI – this is going to be a doozy of a post, and a combo update of both the guest room & the kitchen.

This was before claw hands came into play and before I realized my hair was white from paint – not stress as I guessed at the end of the day. As well, I apparently loaded the dishwasher with something too tall, so we had to run it again. Ignore the dishes in the background. I’m happy to say that it’s taken care of now.

Why so much paint? I decided to whip out the white 5 gallons of Sherwin Williams ProMar 400 we had left over from the common room and paint every. single. thing. that needed to be white today. I still need to finish 2 walls in the guest room but that will require moving all of the furniture out of the room, so that will have to wait.

My day went as follows:

  • Wake up at 6:00.
  • Let the dogs out.
  • Feed the dogs.
  • Caulk the kitchen, until I ran out.
  • Load the car up with GoodWill donation items.
  • Let the dogs out to go to the bathroom again. It was probably a bad idea to let Rosie have that small Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin last night. Winnie seems ok.
  • Load the dogs up in the car and head to Lowes to get more caulking and paint rollers.
  • Turn around a few houses down and drop Primrose off at home because she farted something fierce in the car from the pumpkin and I am not having that. Yes, I just wrote that as a key bullet of my day. Be glad you weren’t there.

  • Roll down all the windows in the car.
  • Finally get to Lowes.
  • Find out there is a GoodWill donation center in the parking lot of Lowes and get excited.
  • Buy said items at Lowes.
  • Chase my receipt down the parking lot because the wind decided to blow immediately as I left the door, and the receipt was in the paint tray I bought. I looked cool. Winnie licked me excessively as I got in the car. A family laughed.
  • Drop items off at GoodWill. Winnie barked at the attendant.
  • Go to tractor supply to get dog food. Winnie jumped around in the car with excitement when I walked out with the bag.
  • Get home & lay out bought items. Yes, that is a 100% biodegradable paint tray and it made me stinking happy, so I bought one to try. I kind of love it.

  • Caulk the kitchen.

  • Paint the first coat of white on the big wall in the guest room. The other two purple walls will be white too eventually. You can see the colors I was testing to use on the wall in this post, about the guest room, from a few days ago.

  • Paint the first coat of the ceiling in the laundry/pantry, and paint the trim. Decide to keep the trim on the darker wall on the left the same color and nix painting the trim white. Make a mental note to touch it up. I still have yet to write a post about painting the laundry room. When we moved in it was teal. Then I primed it white. I only recently painted it. Four years later.

  • Sand down and paint the end cap of the cabinets in the kitchen. Lose said photo of end cap completed. So only give you photo of it before.

  • Paint the second coat of paint in the guest room while singing far too loud to country music. Consider becoming a world renown country star. Decide against it as I might put everyone to shame in Nashville. Conclude I best just finish painting.

  • I look up  at the ceiling, at those glow in the dark stickers that I have hated since we moved in – and always assumed they would be a gluey mess to take off. I decide today is judgement day, and grab the putty knife.

  • Much to my happiness, and my Chuck Norris threat of impending doom, the stars to fall off with much less than a simple scrape. I ask myself why I didn’t attempt this four years ago. I also take a look at the floor and note how many paint splatters are on it from previous owners. We’re saving sanding that for the big renovation.

  • Pull out the big guns and finally focus my attention on painting the kitchen. I decide to give it a once over in white first, which will cover everything enough so I hopefully only have one coat of the darker Behr paint I’ll be using for the final. Hey pst, – see, the end cap of the cabinets is painted white now. I paint the kitchen as the sun is setting so I get all sorts of crazy different photo lighting.

  • In the midst of painting I take a break to do dishes, which are purposely hidden behind the fridge in these photos. I pat myself on the back for being clever. Except all the other counters are trashed anyway from moving everything around. I continue painting until I’m done.


All in all I completed painting of the first coat in the kitchen just in time for A Prairie Home Companion on Maine Public Radio at 6:00. That’s twelve hours from when I woke up. This includes a one hour break for lunch and a brief nap. I can’t believe I just pulled an 11 hour day (so far). I’m pretty proud of myself.

Now, time to enjoy my favorite two hours on Saturday night and a warm cup of tea and maybe a grilled cheese for dinner. Why? Grilled cheeses don’t involve knifes.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t grip one right now.

As for tomorrow? We’ll see how long that day goes. I plan on finishing the kitchen, doing a second coat on the ceiling in the pantry/laundry, touching up all the trim and then…then…we’ll see. Maybe I’ll actually write a post on the laundry room transformation…

…and sleep a little more.

No I won’t. The girls will have me up at 6am for breakfast. Plus, what can I say, I’m a sucker for the quite hour I get in the morning to myself.

Happy Hard Work!